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Embracing the newest technology to capture amazing photographs and videos

by Anne Lemmons

Terry Young, CEO of Air Aspects and FAA licensed drone pilot

Terry Young, CEO of Air Aspects and FAA licensed drone pilot

"I like to explore new things all the time," Terry Young says. Based in Chesapeake, Virginia, he is the owner and CEO of Air Aspects, an FAA licensed and insured drone aerial photography and video company for real estate, tourism, construction, and marketing.

He comments on how amazing it is that drone technology has come so far in just the past five years.  When asked to elaborate, the passion in his voice spikes as he explains all of the technologies he has adopted to make sure he provides the best possible photographs to clients.

Terry can create very high resolution photographs by joining together multiple shots like a jigsaw puzzle, or create photos with amazing detail by layering shots taken at different exposures.

One of the newest technologies he has adopted is animated 3D photographs. He carefully breaks a photo into near, middle, and far objects, and then animates around them. The result is a photo with depth that invites interest and captures attention. He suggests to clients that this is a way to to make slideshows and presentations more engaging, and therefore more effective. 

He has a clear talent for producing incredible marketing products, but working with someone whose excitement and passion for his craft are at the forefront of every aspect of his daily life and projects is inspiring in and of itself. Imagine being able to see the construction of a building in weekly or monthly intervals from start to finish, or obtaining grand aerial views to display one's property from every angle, inside and out, or seeing a bird's-eye view of a hotel or resort to get a feel for the property and amenities before you arrive.

Having visual documentation of a property, including the condition of the roof, landscaping, fences and other structures as well as its contents, can be critical when repairing or rebuilding after a natural disaster. Hampton Roads experiences powerful hurricanes, thunderstorms, even tornadoes and hailstorms. An accidental fire can happen at any time of the year. Having before and after video or photos to show the condition of a property could result in a better experience when working with an insurance company.

Terry loves to travel, especially when he can take his boat out to explore new places. He is thrilled by new gadgets and the latest technology, and has a passion for photography that has only grown since he was a child. Cutting edge drones mounted with cameras are a perfect combination for him, and his adventures can be viewed on his website and through his Instagram @airaspects.

Example of aerial mapping with a lot plan overlay

Example of aerial mapping with a lot plan overlay

Air Aspects produces a beautiful and professional product from conception to final result. Terry says, "I haven't had any clients who want a big part in the production. They have seen the work I've done before and trust me to provide the best possible work." With this creative freedom, he collaborates with his clients to draw attention to the major points, and then takes care of capturing the shots or producing the marketing video.

Terry has several different drone aircraft that serve separate purposes, and he carefully selects which to use based on each type of project he tackles. The one he uses most frequently is the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, which is cutting edge in drone technology and boasts some incredible statistics. It weighs only 3.5 pounds but can take photos in 4K, creating 20-megapixel still photographs and 60FPS videos. As any enthusiast knows, this level of quality was simply not an option only a few years ago.

By far his most portable drone, the DJI Mavic Air, can fit in the palm of a hand and weighs only 2.5 pounds. It can even maneuver indoors and has a 4K/12MP high-definition camera. This drone can easily be taken on trips and will zip up into the air whenever inspiration strikes.  Many of the captivating, high definition pictures taken during Terry's boating adventures were produced with the Mavic. He has also found it is ideal for demonstrating what Air Aspects can offer to curious potential clients and their businesses. Using his versatile Mavic, Terry is able to put together a spur of the moment demonstration that gives clients an idea of what the final project will look like.

The amenities of this home can be better appreciated  with drone-based photography

The amenities of this home can be better appreciated with drone-based photography

Although modern drone technology is already impressive, it improves further almost daily. A high end drone can cost thousands of dollars, take incredible, high resolution photos and videos, and practically fly itself in perfect weather conditions. There are some challenges, however, and it remains essential that the pilot be well versed in flying the drone manually if need be. The weather can change in a matter of minutes from clear, calm skies to windy or stormy conditions, the drone's GPS could fail, or the drone could even be attacked by birds, and it requires a skilled pilot to retrieve the drone safely. Terry knows of a company that went out on a shoot and, through unexpected circumstances, lost three drones to accidents or equipment failures in one location.

Terry recalls one of his earliest and most concerning shoots, where he inadvertently flew into an osprey's territory, provoking the bird into attacking his drone. He remembers the bird continually dive bombing it as he did his best to maneuver his new and expensive drone back to safety. Fortunately, he was able to land safely, and get some amusing photographs along the way!

Imagine being able to obtain grand aerial views
to display one's property from every angle,
 inside and out, or seeing a bird's-eye view of a hotel or resort
to get a feel for the property and amenities...

There are very few licensed drone pilots in the Chesapeake area, and although it may seem like an appealing hobby, it is extremely important that prospective pilots are licensed and have received the proper permits and permission to fly. Especially in this area with numerous military bases as well as both larger and smaller airports, drone pilots need to be aware of restricted airspace while they navigate the skies. Fines for flying without an FAA license or in a no-fly zone can be in the tens of thousands of dollars, and do not just apply to the drone controllers, but also to whomever hired them. This is not a business where someone can simply start flying a drone and take pictures without education and planning.

"As technology improves, hopefully it will provide new things to offer my clients," Terry  says. The sky is the limit with what Air Aspects can create. With a skilled pilot and talented photographer like Terry Young, top of the line drones that can go almost anywhere, and years of marketing experience, whatever the client can dream can be made into reality.

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