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Perfecting lawns and flower beds for your outdoor enjoyment

by Angela Slevin

Owner, Rich Linehan with Office Manager, Maurita Simonds<BR>Photo by Knox Studios

Owner, Rich Linehan with Office Manager, Maurita Simonds
Photo by Knox Studios

Lawns today are much more than an attractive vista. They are backdrops for outdoor living and entertainment.

Rich Linehan, owner of New Image Lawn and Scapes, is right there to create whatever level of backyard bliss a client envisions.

"It can be a simple scape of beautiful lush lawn or a centerpiece of artistry in a backyard that welcomes parties of any and all ages. Whatever clients desire, we are thrilled to create," he insists.

Many people know owner Rich Linehan as a father, friend, youth baseball coach and businessman. The family moved to the Great Bridge section of Chesapeake about the time that Rich turned 10 years old. Growing up there and graduating from Great Bridge High School gave Rich lifelong friends in the community. He is glad to call Chesapeake home.

He got his start in lawn care as a teenager working for his dad's business in the summers.

"I learned how to care for people's lawns and gardens from the ground up, so to speak," Rich smiles. That includes amending soil to improve its ability to sustain plants, designing customized landscapes and neutralizing pests.

"Their work is amazing! They are a blessing.
The New Image team goes far above and beyond...
They are extremely knowledgeable and...
they were highly recommended to me
by friends who were also
extremely happy with their work."

- Patty Adkins

After almost 11 years of running his own business, the entrepreneur is an expert at creating beautiful yards, gardens and flower beds for his clients to enjoy. "I work directly with my clients to learn what they like and what they have in mind, and then I sketch out the design and we choose the plants together," Rich describes.

But Rich isn't only about work. He's the proud dad of two boys, Dylan, age 14, and Landyn, age 9. Not only are these young men excellent students – Dylan has never had below an A in his scholastic career and is a Presidential Education Award student, and Landyn earns Honor Roll grades each semester – they also love baseball. Dylan has earned a place on the Great Bridge Junior Varsity baseball team after playing for the Virginia Young Guns and Landyn is currently on the Virginia Young Guns team, and is already hitting home runs 200 feet out of the park.

"I've been coaching the Young Guns since Dylan played for them, and now I coach Landyn, too," the devoted father says. "I am so fortunate to be able to see them both play. My business gives me the flexibility to travel around the country and watch the boys play, and I really like working outside. My work allows me to have a balanced life."

The company founder is very proud of the team of 16 who now work with him. The maintenance crew cuts and maintains monthly clients and the detail crew  does mulching, planting, and spring or fall cleanups. Rich does the turf applications and is always working side by side with his team whenever he is needed. He also personally handles estimates.

 Most of the team members have been with Rich for eight years or more. They say he puts them first; Rich says they all work exceptionally well together. "It's critical to me to get the right people in place for a smooth running machine," Rich insists. His office manager of two years, Maurita Simonds, brought some game-changing talents to the business. Everyone supports each other and has the same goals in mind and that translates to very satisfied clients. Many of them have been with Rich since the days when he was a one-man show.

A stunning lawn with manicured borders

A stunning lawn with manicured borders

No two homes or properties are exactly alike, and no two homeowners have the same preferences, so Rich makes sure he can accommodate individuality. He sets his landscaping business apart by offering customized care packages to clients. One of the most popular packages is the Hall of Fame, which  includes annual landscape maintenance, turf program and annual mulching. And just to make sure clients are well taken care of, payment can be amortized over 12 months. Rich is happy to take care of any size property, whether it's a cozy oasis or an expansive backyard.

"Their work is amazing!" Patty Adkins emphasizes. "They are a blessing. The New Image team goes far above and beyond any other landscaping firm, and I've gone through many. They are extremely knowledgeable and if there is something one would like changed about their service, they can easily adjust. Their rates are excellent and they were highly recommended to me by friends who were also extremely happy with their work."

The best way to have a healthy lawn is to get on a comprehensive turf program including fertilizer, organic matter, weed control, post and pre-emergent treatments and organic iron powder to keep the grass green. A beautiful lawn needs attention in every season, not just the growing months. In the fall and winter, driveways and sidewalks need to be blown off, decks need to be cleaned, weeds still grow and leaves and sticks need to be removed. All New Image's clients are offered year-round service. Spring is that much more fun and easy when the yard work hasn't become overwhelming.

"I am so pleased!" Phil Hightower affirms. "Their work is excellent. They are always pleasant and easy to work with, doing that little bit extra whenever it's needed. All the crew members are doing the very best they can do at all times. I'm looking forward to them keeping my property beautiful for many years to come!"

"I am so pleased! Their work is excellent.
They are always pleasant and easy to work with,
doing that little bit extra whenever it's needed...
I'm looking forward to them
keeping my property beautiful
for many years to come!"

- Phil Hightower

Rich spends time in his own backyard practicing baseball with his boys and exercising his two lovable dogs, Maximus and King Leonidas. But this picturesque family scene was jarred when Dylan started having pain in his arm. It's common for young baseball players to overuse their tendons and muscles, so at first there was little cause for concern. However, it didn't get better with rest. The best doctors in the area examined him and, after an MRI, recommended surgery at Duke Cancer Center.

On the day of the operation, Dylan wasn't at all nervous. "Bravest kid I know!" Rich says. "Never had a bit of fear and was all smiles!" The surgery went well, and the problem turned out to be a benign cyst that was removed.

"It meant so much to all of us that so many people were praying for Dylan and reaching out to us on social media and in person. We can't thank them all enough," the grateful dad says.

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