Friday, April 16th, 2021

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Time to love the outdoors again

by Kelli Tatum

This client’s lawn is still green and lush as spring approaches

This client’s lawn is still green and lush as spring approaches

A fter a long, harsh winter, homeowners are ready for a lush, beautiful yard. Rich Linehan, owner of New Image Lawn and Scapes, is ready to bring his crew to make that happen.

Rich believes it is important to maintain lawns year round, not just during the outdoor months. "People sometimes think that you don't need to do anything to your yard when it's cold out," Rich acknowledges, adding quickly, "That's not true. It's important to keep dead leaves and debris away from a home's perimeter. Left alone, debris can create a haven for snakes, spiders and other pests. Our crew is always on the lookout to remove such pests when encountered, but it is best to prevent that happening in the first place."

Rich has been tending to the area's beautiful lawns 12 months of the year for more than a decade. Experienced and educated in lawn care, his passion for keeping the exteriors of his clients' properties flourishing has made Rich well known for his commitment to excellence.

From the basics to sophisticated landscapes, Rich is involved in his clients' needs. "Weeds are the biggest concern at this time of year," Rich notes, explaining, "When they pop up early and start spreading, before you know it, you have more weeds than grass. But it's nothing we haven't seen before and we can help," he adds. 

His down to earth way of relating to both his team and his clients makes Rich Linehan a pleasure to do business with and his flexibility makes it easy as well. His philosophy is one of the reasons. "Each client is unique," Rich points out, "and we respect that. We want to give them what they are looking for, whether it's a detailed job with lots of maintenance, or something basic so they can do a little work too, if that's what they want."

Relationship building has been key in the success of the company and what this business owner has learned from the most. "It's amazing how a business can make you into a better person, a better father," he adds.  His sons are much of the reason Rich spends his spare time coaching boys' baseball teams.

Rich started his career in landscaping as a teenager working for his dad, who also had a lawn business. He remembers summers of heat and hard work. He credits his father for setting an example that helped shape him into the customer-conscious entrepreneur he is today.

Rich then decided to further his education and take some college courses in landscaping while working in his chosen career for a national landscaping company.  After several years he decided to go into business for himself. He says the biggest appeal to the job has been working outside and enjoying the fresh air, and enjoying time with his children.

"I get to coach baseball and travel all over the country watching my kids play. How many people get to say that? It's such a blessing to be so present in my kids' lives," he shares.

Owner Rich at a client’s home, pulling out bushes

Owner Rich at a client’s home, pulling out bushes

Giving back to the community has been an important part of New Image Lawn and Scapes, too. The company donates to several charities and non-profit organizations and Rich plans to continue those gifts for the decades to come. I enjoy giving back to the community," Rich states with pride. "Originally, that was just part of the dream. Now it's reality, and that's the best part." The company has also donated time and talent to local law enforcement families.

Even though his company is located in Chesapeake, their service line stretches as far as the Eastern Shore. "If someone calls me with a job, I'm going to consider it. I want to keep my team working and folks throughout the area happy. We grow primarily by word of mouth, so every customer is an important one," Rich affirms.

"Each client is unique,
and we respect that.
We want to give them
what they are looking for,
whether it's a detailed job
with lots of maintenance,
or something basic
so they can do a little work too,
if that's what they want."

- Rich Linehan

Customers Terry and Jean Barnard have been using New Image Lawn and Scapes for several years. Jean asserts, "My husband Terry and I love working with Rich and his great crew. After living in our home for a decade, the bushes were creeping half way up the windows. We asked Rich to help. He pulled out overgrown plants and bushes that had gone wild and replaced them with tasteful substitutes – such as rose bushes gracing the driveway entrance. And we could see through the windows again!" Jean points out, "Now, a few years later, the lawn is so lush that I love just looking out the front door in the morning, admiring how beautiful it is."

"Rich does everything patiently and efficiently, and loves the outcome as much as we do! He's a gentleman, he's fun, and we love to see what he has done for our property," Jean adds.

For Rich, he insists the reward is not the paycheck, but seeing customers like Jean and Terry so happy from the results. "I really like watching a homeowner pull up to their property when we finish. The look on their face is the best reward." If a customer isn't 100 percent happy with the results, then he will make it right, guaranteed.

Rich notes that no one can expect a miracle to happen with their lawn after months of neglect. "I know that now that spring is officially here, the fear of a ton of yard work can creep in. I have a few steps homeowners can take to alleviate those fears," Rich suggests.

-Don't let it overwhelm you. Take it a little at a time.

-Spot maintenance is important – take a walk around your home daily to pick weeds and water plants.

-Trim bushes regularly so they don't over grow.

"But homeowners can escape all that worry and work," Rich smiles. "That's why we are here!"

New Image Lawn and Scapes provides year round maintenance services to help keep yards from becoming overwhelming to homeowners, including leaf removal, dormant pruning of bushes and plants and blowing off driveways and walkways. New Image offers several lawn maintenance options and will also tailor a package to fit the needs of the customer. Some of the most popular packages offered include lawn mowing and trimming; weed control in flower beds and hard surfaces; pruning trees and bushes; seeding and aeration of lawns; debris and pest removal. Most services are provided with a one year agreement, but some à la carte services are available seasonally as well.

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