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The sky is the limit with aerial imaging from a bird's eye view

by Candance Moore

Terry Young, FAA licensed drone pilot

Terry Young, FAA licensed drone pilot

Terry Young is taking videography and photography literally to the next level. From overhead images of real estate or a beautiful resort to following the progress of a construction project, camera drones are making a buzz, and their sensational sights are affordable in the form of hourly sessions. Of course, FAA licensed and insured drone pilots are essential to get the best results – and that's where Terry comes in.

A natural entrepreneur, Terry is CEO of a Chesapeake based web development firm, an accomplished sailor, and inquisitive pioneer who loves to explore new technology and utilize his work experiences to help clients. 

"I have been editing video and processing photos since the 1990's, and have a strong media background including working for NBC News," Terry explains. "Adding drone photography and videography was another natural progression for me."

Terry has spent the last 20 years helping clients navigate the complexities of having an effective web presence through his first company, Internet Marketing and Design.

Chesapeake City Hall

Chesapeake City Hall

One element of Internet Marketing and Design's services has long been coordinating photos and videos for clients to use online. For many clients, quality imaging is a must. With years of experience comes the benefit of being able to produce them for a fair price.

"It's all about offering clients
the most effective yet affordable access

to cutting-edge tools.
No one should feel that useful technology is out of their reach."

- Terry Young

"It's all about offering clients the most effective yet affordable access to cutting-edge tools," he remarks. "No one should feel that useful technology is out of their reach."

Several years ago, when drones first emerged for hobbyist use, Terry's curiosity drove him to be among the early experimenters. Drone enthusiasts soon started sharing incredible images that opened new gateways for photography and videography. Large fields of crops were scanned for damage in minutes instead of hours. Construction projects easily captured week-by-week landscape changes.

After just a few flights, he knew that drones held massive potential for clients and a way to provide better service in an emergent and not yet understood market. 

Grotto Bay Beach Resort in Bermuda

Grotto Bay Beach Resort in Bermuda

At that time, the Federal Aviation Administration was in the process of developing appropriate drone laws. Always keen to do things the right way, Terry began the FAA required formal training and earned a Part 107 commercial drone pilot certification. When Terry's FAA credentials officially came through in 2016, Air Aspects was up and running.  

With safety being a major consideration, he also invested in safe, quality equipment. His equipment has special geolocators to avoid no-fly spaces, to warn of potential hazards, and object sensors to prevent many avoidable crashes. 

"There's a great deal more than just sending any drone with a camera up in the air. Most people think of them as toys that almost fly themselves. They don't realize drones are not easy to fly," he notes. "Despite newer equipment having GPS and some safety sensors, a pilot still needs to know how to keep control.  I have still seen many videos on YouTube of people literally crashing and destroying their $1,000 drones, or damaging other people's property, on the same day they got them." 

Increasing safety concerns fueled requirements to respect people and property.

Licensed pilots are expected to keep detailed logs of each flight, examine their equipment before and after each flight, do their own legwork on getting property permissions, and know their way around in terms of off-limits airspace. Pilots also need to read the sky every second a drone is in flight, not only for other aircraft or birds, but to predict possible inclement weather. A sudden wind gust or rain shower can destroy these delicate machines or force them off-course into dangerous situations.

Armed with new machinery, liability insurance, and a stronger control on piloting, Terry offered services to a few early clients. A quick check on local airspace allowances, a no-drama buzz around the property, and, just that easy, stunning overhead images were the reward. They were sold.

Terry's model allows clients to pay a flat, surprisingly inexpensive fee for a session. He handles the logistics and offers media editing and post-production.

Whether it's a few nice shots for a home or boat seller, or a full-scale video for an event promoter, each client receives personal service at a scalable price.

The Oyster Farm at King's Creek in Cape Charles, Virginia

The Oyster Farm at King's Creek in Cape Charles, Virginia

Depending on the type of project, Air Aspects has a diverse fleet to maximize use of the surroundings. Smaller drones work well in more confined spaces, such as getting steady close-up looks at a landscape. For aerial imaging in a tight space around trees or buildings, highly nimble devices can stop themselves on a dime while still delivering crystal clear shots.

One of the newest additions is the impressive Phantom 4 Pro, with you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it HD footage from a Sony 4K 60fps lens. Photos weigh in at 20 megapixels, which means they hold up extremely well as poster prints. 

Whether it's a few nice shots for a home or boat seller,
or a full-scale video for an event promoter,
each client receives personal service at a scalable price.

Engineering advancements have made the machine lighter with a longer battery life. That means video production at near Hollywood quality, efficient use of time with no lags in a session, small devices that aren't an eyesore in the sky, and prices that are feasible for small businesses.

For Terry, when asked what makes Air Aspects a great business, the focus isn't on technology. Drone sessions, in his words, are all about the clients who need them. He describes overworked real estate agents getting a better deal on a house, hotels and resorts showing off their facilities, or golf courses demonstrating why their back nine is so legendary.

"When a client is negotiating an important development project, aerial imaging should be there to benefit them in the smoothest way possible. It should integrate seamlessly and get that great footage without any hassles," he insists.

"My first business, Internet Marketing and Design, has been a corporate citizen in Hampton Roads for 19 years. We've earned a reputation for always working in an ethical, above-board way, and our clients are loyal because they see how we care about people. I wanted to bring that trustworthiness to the world of aerial imaging."

Air Aspects is available for sessions on any variety of projects or venues. If a client can dream of a great new reason to utilize drones, Terry would love to hear it. Service areas range from Williamsburg to the Outer Banks and, in many cases, travel is complimentary.

"This market is still evolving, and we're still just beginning to learn what drones are capable of," Terry says. "Whatever those uses are, I'm here to make sure that everyone can afford to safely enjoy them."

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