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Luxurious flooring, personalized service

by Keith Buckley

Owners Tony Johnson and Jeff Jechura

Owners Tony Johnson and Jeff Jechura

For some, walking into Family Flooring's store is like being a kid in a candy store. Displays and samples abound: hardwood, carpet, laminate, tile, and more. Clients are promptly greeted, often by one of the owners, Tony Johnson or Jeff Jechura.

Fourteen years ago, Tony and Jeff started Family Flooring after working together for another flooring company. When that company announced it was closing, they got together over Monday Night Football on television, and started discussing opening their own flooring business. They thought about having more control over their personal lives and family time, and the certainty that running their own business would be a huge responsibility. Over the course of many more football games and long conversations, they decided to strike out on their own.

The opportunity to take their 40 years of joint experience in flooring and combine it with their desire to understand the customer's needs and provide exceptional customer service has been very fulfilling. The relationships they have built over the years are so strong that there are mothers and fathers sending their adult children in for their flooring needs.

Their working relationship is well balanced. "Tony is more into the accounting part of the business, I'm more into the warehouse part, and we both enjoy the sales part when we get to talk to people," Jeff reports. Tony agrees, "The best part is talking with people and helping them make the right choice for their home."  Getting together to watch football doesn't happen much these days, as business ownership has taken over much of their free time, but they agree that they see each other enough at work.

There is a big difference between working for someone else and owning one's own business. "Learning the business side- marketing, taxes, paying the bills- was a challenge, and there really is no day off," Jeff says. "Being responsible for over 20 sales staff and subcontractors instead of just yourself is very different," Tony adds. "If business is down, it not only affects our business, but our employees' wallets as well. It's very important to us to be able to take care of our employees."

"The best part is talking with people
and helping them make
the right choice for their home."

- Tony Johnson, Owner and Retired Navy Senior Chief

This business is indeed a family affair. Tony's son, Tony Jr., and Jeff's son, Eric, both work for them doing installations, while Tony's wife Katherine manages the Western Branch store located on Portsmouth Boulevard. Katherine left her job to join the family business, and with one month's training, she hit the ground running. She has been managing that location for several years now. Tony says, "I feel good knowing that she is in a positive environment and doing what she loves, which is helping people."

Through the years Family Flooring has been able to ride out the ups and downs of the economy. The outstanding customer service Tony, Jeff and their staff provide have created many strong relationships with their clients. Competing with larger chain stores can be intimidating to a small business owner. However, Jeff believes their success is based on the fact that they've built their business on service, not on retail. If a manufacturer does offer him a discount, he passes that on to the customer, but he bases his business on having the best products, great selection and one-on-one service. "We carry all the new products; we know what they are. We try to make sure they're high quality products before we even put them out on the floor," Tony explains.

"We carry all the new products...
We make sure they're high quality products
before we even put them out on the floor."

- Jeff Jechura, Owner

Jeff and Tony's success and hard work have been recognized in the community with several awards over the years. They were selected for the Virginian-Pilot's Best in Chesapeake Gold award for 2017. Coastal Virginia Magazine awarded them Best of Coastal Virginia Overall Gold Winner for Best Carpet/Flooring Store for 2016 and 2017.

When asked about the future, the plan is simple. "We will keep providing a great product with personalized service," Jeff says. They will continue giving their business the personal attention it deserves and maintain their focus on customers and family. 

What started as a conversation during a Monday Night Football Game between two friends has evolved into a successful family business. Tony and Jeff's service to their customers, dedication to their employees, and love for their families have proven to be a solid formula for success in business and in life. "Tony and I are only a phone call away from our customers," Jeff affirms. "The buck stops with us."

Family Flooring

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