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Helping pets reach their fullest, happiest potential

by Candance Moore

The smiling, dedicated staff of Edinburgh Animal Hospital. <BR>Photo by Daniel J.H. McDonald Photography

The smiling, dedicated staff of Edinburgh Animal Hospital.
Photo by Daniel J.H. McDonald Photography

Hospitals aren't typically thought of as happy places - but at Edinburgh Animal Hospital, joyful barks and chirps fill the air every day. It's a hospital in every sense of the word, providing surgery, diagnostics, medications, sick visits, preventive care, and overnight boarding. Its patients just happen to be of the furry, feathered, or pocket-size variety. Thanks to the dedication of Geoff Campbell, DVM, who founded Edinburgh Animal Hospital, these patients benefit from the latest advancements in veterinary medicine.

"The field has seen terrific innovations in recent years," Dr. Campbell notes. "Pets we would have been powerless to save a generation ago are now able to enjoy longer, more active lives."

Dr. Campbell is passionate about making cutting-edge medicine available to the families he serves.

As online pharmacies recently became big business, for example, Dr. Campbell invested the time to survey this exciting new landscape. What he found was a great idea in need of a bit of oversight. Recognizing that a reliable, reputable mail-order pharmacy would be a great time-saving benefit for his clients, he added it to the services being offered by Edinburgh Animal Hospital.

"A pet owner may see prescription medications for sale at cheap prices on a random website, and it looks like a great deal, but they have no idea where that product is coming from," Dr. Campbell explains. "Everyone wants to see costs come down. Who wouldn't celebrate that? But we have to be careful. As veterinarians, it's our job to look out for our clients and protect them in an evolving marketplace."

To this end, Edinburgh Animal Hospital partnered with an online medication provider who has been vetted and quality-assured. When Dr. Campbell felt confident to personally recommend the products, he linked them on his practice website to give his clients easy access. It's one of the ways he's bridging the gap between emergent technology and trusted local doctors.

A tour of his hospital reveals such forward thinking at every turn: digital x-rays that can be emailed to other specialists for consultation; in-site Penn HIP-certified radiology diagnostics; premier dental equipment that provides the full scope of oral health- all in the hands of Dr. Campbell and his devoted team.

Cruciate ligament pain, one of a dog's most likely injuries, is routinely treated at Edinburgh using up-to-the-minute information. Dr. Campbell explains that he prefers to study innovative techniques, making more use of his hands and skills with less reliance on expensive gadgets. It's a more challenging approach, but it provides his patients with the most personalized- and affordable- care available.

"We integrate devices that complement our abilities," he reveals. "When the human hand can do it best, I'll use my hands. When a tool is more effective, we'll bring in the tool."

"The field has seen
terrific innovations in recent years.
Pets we would have been powerless
to save a generation ago
are now able to enjoy longer,
more active lives."

- Geoff Campbell, DVM

One particular tool that makes a huge difference is a cold laser, which heals wounds and sub-dermal tissue damage at remarkable speeds. Dr. Campbell introduced this technology to his practice when it was just in its infancy. Now, as more veterinarians are just starting to adopt it, Edinburgh has years of experience in knowing exactly how to get the best results.

Geoff Campbell, DVM, with Edinburgh Animal Hospital’s office cat, Sharky. <BR>Photo by Daniel J.H. McDonald Photography

Geoff Campbell, DVM, with Edinburgh Animal Hospital’s office cat, Sharky.
Photo by Daniel J.H. McDonald Photography

Steve Paul of Chesapeake can attest to the incredible results of the cold laser. His rescue cat, Regent, had survived a painful attack which left a bloody gash. Regent kept licking the wound until it re-opened and bled again. Wanting to avoid torturous weeks with a plastic cone, Steve considered cold laser for Regent's wound.

"After the first treatment, we saw impressive improvement," Steve recalls. "It was almost like a miracle. The wound wasn't completely gone in one visit, but it was healed so much that Regent forgot about it. We were able to restore him with no cone, no hassle, and no medicine. That investment also saved us untold money and effort down the road. Dr. Campbell truly gave us a cost-saving solution."

The idea of investment to lower future costs is something Dr. Campbell often shares with clients. Whether it be a cold laser to heal a wound, a weight-management diet to prevent diabetes, or a heart-worm regimen to keep parasites away, he's seen the benefits of early intervention. He's also seen many clients benefit from pet insurance.

A good pet insurance policy will pay up to 80 percent of emergency care, including surgeries. Dr. Campbell has witnessed insurance coverage save the day for a pet owner who otherwise would have had to say goodbye. Should a client be interested in getting a policy, the staff at Edinburgh can recommend some good insurers who've come through for them.

"There's a lot of new information, new products, new options, all coming at pet owners these days. Exciting things are happening that really can make life better, as long as consumers make wise choices," Dr. Campbell says with his trademark smile. "If there's anything we can do to make the process easier for our clients, we're glad to share our expertise."

Edinburgh Animal Hospital provides a full scope of medical treatments beyond standard care. Heather Price, DVM, is certified in veterinary chiropractic medicine. She's also an avid competitive breeder who enjoys working on reproductive issues. Many of her services are handled on-site at Edinburgh.

Shane Mulderrig, DVM specializes in dermatology and allergy issues in pets. In the current growing trend of natural foods for pets, Dr. Mulderrig can help pet-owners separate fact from fiction. A few smart choices in puppyhood or kittenhood can prevent a lifetime of frustrating rash visits.

Then there's the time when an aged pet (hopefully after many years of fun and play) is ready to cross over. Rachel Mapes, DVM has a particular heart for end-of-life care in pets. She can help a distraught pet owner understand when it's okay to let go.

"No matter what stage a pet is in, we want to see that pet reach its fullest, happiest potential for as long as possible, and we're here to help owners make healthy choices from start to finish," Dr. Campbell says. "That's why I went into this field in the first place."

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