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A technological genius from England appeared at The Shopper to stay

by Jean Loxley-Barnard

Terry Young, CEO

Terry Young, CEO

When it comes to the world of technology, this publisher has needed so much help. But, for 23 years, The Shopper has had a secret weapon.

It was 1997 when I was first introduced to Terry Young. From across the pond he created and launched a state-of-the-art new website for The Shopper.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and throughout the years, Terry Young has come up with simple answers to such questions as, "How do I turn this on?" He has been there to solve the most intricate problems.  He even built and set up our in-house server from scratch, saving us almost $20,000!

No matter whether our questions were elementary or sophisticated, Terry Young was there, never demeaning anyone- just fixing the problem and trying to explain so we could understand.
As the publisher, this genius of a man who came into my life like a long-lost son sees what we need and does it.  As we have introduced new magazines, or even tried new ideas, he has been there to match the technology to the task, whether in new equipment or a new online presence. He is why we've survived and progressed technologically and are still here almost a quarter-century after he began commuting from the U.K.

Terry's career has been fascinating.  Before coming to the U.S., this Brit had worked in video and technology fields for his adult life, including working for IBM and NBC News. He met our then-COO, Nikki, when she traveled to England, and they were smitten with one another.  He began flying back and forth across the pond every few months while building his business in England. In 2001, he relocated himself and Internet Marketing and Design here permanently.

Terry has launched websites over many years that have been staples of successful entrepreneurial businesses.  His love of technology, design, and communication is evident in the name of his company: Internet Marketing and Design.  He helps closely held corporations and mid-sized companies keep growing by leaps and bounds. One of his favorite success stories is a retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief, who exposes Stolen Valor online and hosts several Wounded Warrior hunts a year.

As the publisher, this genius of a man
 who came into my life
like a long-lost son,
sees what we need and does it.
He is why we've survived technologically
 and are still here a quarter-century
after he arrived from England.

An avid sailor, Terry loves to explore the real world as much as the digital world

An avid sailor, Terry loves to explore the real world as much as the digital world

Always looking to expand on new ideas and technology services, Terry was one of the first FAA-licensed drone operators in Hampton Roads, adding aerial to his existing photography talents and blazing a path in the Real Estate world. These services became so popular that a new company, Air Aspects, was formed to deal with the demand.

Terry has not only flown, photographed, and filmed in many U.S. states but also in several other countries. He has covered tourism, residential and commercial Real Estate, and is currently recording several long-term construction projects in Virginia and North Carolina. Terry brings as much professionalism to this arena as any others, focusing on the intricacies of the law while protecting himself and his clients from disastrous events that could ruin a project and cause significant losses in time and money.

This quiet man becomes absorbed when taking on a task for clients, as if their businesses were his own. Terry Young tells it like it is, as he sees it. Passionate about steering clients with the admonition to "Do it right the first time," this perfectionist is dedicated to keeping those clients pointed in the right direction. Ever vigilant with details, this man's reputation for being a stickler is proudly earned every day on every project.

One of Terry's foundational beliefs is to never cut corners. While almost all other web designers download free software and sell it on for huge mark-ups, Terry refuses to take that easy way out. "Most other designers sell Wordpress simply because it's free and they can make a fast buck." he says, "However, it is also extremely insecure, accounting for over 95 percent of the hacked websites in the world. I have seen firsthand how being hacked can affect a business both legally and in regard to their reputation, and I would never do that to a client."

Terry went beyond what The Shopper asked of him, thinking of what we needed before we knew it could be requested! Seeing what we needed, he just did it! One example is the sales system he designed just for our business.

Administrators and account executives are able to keep track of daily interactions with clients. We can also see how many readers have viewed each story, gathering or column online! Compelled to meet every need that our business has, Terry has identified, created, and delivered before we asked, over and over again through all the years.

For Terry and his family, life is good. When not developing websites or photographing a high-rise tower or filming a swanky resort,  Terry and his wife, Nikki, enjoy many a weekend relaxing around the Chesapeake Bay in their sailboat. Their boat is fully equipped for a comfortable experience on the water, and the Youngs have never looked back at the decision to have this avocation.

 "When I think about all we have achieved, I know that I am a lucky man," this remarkable businessman smiles. "Following Nikki to this country was my very best decision."

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