Will Watson is everyone’s dream of a neighbor

by Jean Loxley-Barnard

Will Watson is a soft-spoken man with a genuine smile and quiet way of getting things done efficiently. He is just what his clients need. Will’s business is centered around moving heavy objects, something nearly everyone needs help with from time to time.

Will has served as a Chief in the Navy, enjoying “seeing the world” from here to Japan and places like Seattle. It was a good life, and it even provided him the opportunity to meet his wife, Luralla, who grew up in Tacoma, Washington. She now works for Public Works for the City of Chesapeake.

Upon retiring from the service, Will thought about taking a government job. That was in November of 2014. “Honestly,” he says, “my heart was not in it. My wife said, ‘Start your own business,’” His first reaction was, “We don’t have enough money to start a business.” But Luralla advised, “God will make a way.”

It was a dream that both became excited about, and they exchanged ideas back and forth. Luralla came up with the thought that led to Watson’s Transport and Delivery. “You like motorcycles,” she pointed out. After thinking about what he could do to serve motorcyclists’ needs, Will hit upon hauling motorcycles!

He bought a pickup truck. “I hauled just one motorcycle in six months in 2015,” Will laments. “Then, all of a sudden, people kept calling me! ‘Can you pick up a box at Walmart?’ was the first kind of work that came in, quickly followed by what would turn out to be a flood of requests to move seniors into retirement facilities!”

A caller from Willow Creek said, “A couple needs some help today.” Will answered that he’d go take a look. He recalls, “I asked if I could move them tomorrow and, when they agreed, I went out and rented a truck, then went back and moved them to Willow Creek.”

“Moving has evolved into much more
than moving households.
We can move stuff to estate sales,
shops, Goodwill—or trash it.
We are there on the job
from start to finish.”

—Will Watson

 A week later, he received a call from the managers of Willow Creek. “We loved your services,” they told him, adding, “We will have more residents moving in.” He knew the new facility would be a great source of continuing business, so he bought a 7’ x 14’ trailer. Will was in business to stay. Moving seniors into retirement living became 85 percent of his business. Will Watson was the perfect choice for serving seniors. He has hired a dozen good helpers who have other occupations—such as firefighters and students—strong helpers who are at the ready but don’t have to work full time. This allows Will to have some downtime without losing his good, reliable assistants.

Will Watson carefully prepares to move a heavy glass and wooden room divider
to The Red Chair Consignment Shop.

Will Watson describes a business he is well-suited for, willing to help customers with small as well as big requests. “I’ve helped a lady put a new chair together, hang a picture on the wall, check ducts—small jobs, but important to my customer.” Moving has evolved into much more than moving households. “We can move stuff to estate sales, shops, Goodwill—or trash it. We are there on the job from start to finish.” While he will take a job of just two hours for an hourly fee, Will can accommodate almost any moving job.

Will relates how helpful it is if a senior has some family to help coordinate the job, while saddened knowing some people do not have anyone. What they do always have, however, is Will Watson.

Moving students into college dormitories allows Will and his crew to serve the younger members of families, all part of the interesting lives they lead. “I maintain contact with all my clients,” Will says. “My view is they are my clients for life!” And his clients apparently see it that way also. When Will and his team help one family move out of a house, they often find the family moving in has also been referred to them!

The diversity of jobs they can do and the people they help is fascinating. From helping interior designers move furniture to stage a home for sale, to moving a family to a new location, to the seniors they love to help, Will brings the same helpers, knowing their clients like seeing the same friendly faces during stressful times.

When asked what he sees in his future, Will plans to add more vehicles geared to the needs of seniors and other kinds of short residential moves. His crew has also transported deliveries to Charlotte, the Outer Banks, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Florida. As his business expands, he expects longer moves are here to stay.

Luralla had said to her husband in the beginning, “Will, you can do this.” She was right.

Will Watson, owner of Watson’s Transport and Delivery.

Watson’s Transport & Delivery