Pursuing a holistic approach to comprehensive veterinary care

by Kay Carey

One can sense the comfort and compassion in the atmosphere of Edinburgh Animal Hospital. The reception area's four-legged visitors - their tails contentedly wagging - seem relaxed and happy, while their two-legged companions seem confident that their beloved pets are receiving the best care possible. Owned by Dr. Geoff Campbell, Edinburgh's talented doctors follow a holistic approach in offering comprehensive veterinary services for animals in all stages of life.

"After 24 years as a vet, I think it is imperative to remain on the cutting-edge," Dr. Campbell insists. "Advances in animal medicine are quickly catching up to those in human medicine. I'm always eager to learn something new, and to incorporate that knowledge into the care we offer our patients."

Dr. Campbell and his three associates have over fifty years of combined experience in veterinary medicine, each with his or her area of expertise.

From left, Edinburgh Animal Hospital employs the latest advances in veterinary medicine.
At left, Laser therapy is administered to one feline patient.

With decades of experience in canine orthopedics, Dr. Campbell is well known and respected for his orthopedic surgical skills. He has been praised for his mastery of cranial cruciate ligament surgery- the veterinary equivalent of ACL knee surgery in humans. "In addition to caring for our own patients, I sometimes receive referrals for surgery from other vets who are treating dogs with orthopedic issues," he explains. "I've performed surgery on dogs of all breeds and size. One of the largest was a 150-pound Mastiff."

Dr. Rachel Mapes has extensive experience in geriatric medicine. She has a gift for counseling owners of older dogs in quality-of-life issues, offering guidance in making decisions that will ensure longer, healthier lives.

"If I lived in South Carolina or somewhere,
my dogs and I would take an overnight trip
when it was time for them to see Dr. Campbell.
He is my vet, no matter where I live.

- Betsy Schuepbach

Steve and Melody Budzina praised Edinburg Animal Hospital for the care that their beloved dog, Cash-Is-King, received during the last years of his life.

"The vets and staff have always been professional, friendly, and courteous, even returning our calls after office hours," the couple attests. "They gave Cash extraordinarily good care. He finally "passed over the rainbow bridge' at age 13. Two days later, when we called to cancel a prescription, several of Edinburgh's staff spoke to us and offered sincere and heartfelt condolences- several with tears. Dr. Campbell called us to offer his condolences, also. They are professionals who truly care for their four-legged patients." The Budzinas also recall how much they enjoyed sometimes walking into the office and seeing a few of the staff's own pets in the reception area.

Dr. Shane Mulderrig has a strong interest in dermatology- especially in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies. He utilizes the newest medications and technologies in treating allergies and skin conditions. He is also well-versed in using therapeutic nutrition to treat disease. "There are so many choices in dog and cat foods out there," he explains. "Raw and homemade diets can also be risky. We help clients make informed nutritional decisions for meeting their pets' needs."
Dr. Heather Price trains her Australian Shepherds for canine agility competitions around the country. With an extensive knowledge of breeding, she is also highly skilled in canine reproductive medicine, including Caesarian sections and ultrasounds. Along with traditional treatments, she employs alternative therapies, such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, and herbal remedies.

With a career spanning 24 years, Dr. Geoff Campbell is widely respected for his orthopedic surgical skills, as well as the compassionate care that he gives to each of his patients.

With such talent and experience, Edinburgh Animal Hospital is able to offer a broad spectrum of services. Regardless of which doctor a patient may see, they all work closely together, consulting one another as pets are evaluated and treated. "Some may have a greater comfort level with one doctor, but we can all handle a variety of cases," Dr. Campbell assures.

Betsy Schuepbach's dogs have been patients of Dr. Campbell since his early years in practice.

"If I lived in South Carolina or somewhere, my dogs and I would take an overnight trip when it was time for them to see Dr. Campbell," Betsy declares. "He is my vet, no matter where I live. The office is always spotless, and it's beautifully run by his professional staff. They always have the medications for my dogs ready. They don't make mistakes. One of my dogs had an autoimmune disease. Dr. Campbell treated her, and she lived eight more years. As long as I have dogs, they will see Dr. Campbell."

One change Dr. Campbell has seen over the years is an increase in clients who carry pet insurance. "I encourage it," he says. "Although preventive services are not covered, things such as knee surgery or emergency services are covered at 80 per cent. Having insurance makes clients more amenable to the recommendations made by their vets, taking concerns over expense out of the equation.

"We also see a trend in the popularity of "designer dogs,'" he continues. "People are interested in mixed breeds that combine certain qualities. One example is the Burnese Poodle: it has the traits of a sheepdog and the hair quality of a Standard Poodle. Some dogs that in the past would have been considered mutts, are now considered special breeds."

Dr. Campbell confesses that there is also an emotional component to caring for a pet over the course of its entire life: "Emotionally, it can be difficult dealing with age-related conditions in patients we've been treating since they were puppies or kittens. Because we have been here for eleven years, we are now seeing some of our first patients dealing with end-of-life issues. That's hard."

The practice continues to grow. Last year, the staff saw more than 23,000 patient visits. They currently have more than 15,000 active clients, and see 60 to 80 new clients each month.

 "We are blessed that Edinburgh Animal Hospital has been embraced by the community," Dr. Campbell says with a smile, "and we return the sentiment wholeheartedly."

Edinburgh Animal Hospital employs the latest advances in veterinary medicine.
Laser therapy is administered to one feline patient.

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