Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

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Varsity Wrestler Adonis Lattimore, from the Landstown Beach District, is one of the most incredible athletes I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Adonis is coming off a senior campaign in which he went 32-7, finished second in the Region A Tournament, and capped it off by claiming the Class 6A State Championship in the 106-pound weight class. More impressive than that list, however, is that Adonis achieved it all, having been born with no right leg, a partial left leg, and only one finger on his right hand.

“My biggest obstacle was me and doubting myself.”

The wrestling journey for Adonis started in the second grade. Asked what about the sport captured him, he notes the atmosphere: “It is extremely competitive, and I like that. The people are motivating, and my teammates are like a family away from home.”

Competing first at the club level, it later became clear that Adonis could compete at the Middle School level. However, he wanted to do more than simply compete. While at wrestling camp in the eighth grade, he set a goal for himself - one he wrote in his journal 20 times: “Be a State Champion.” He got to work with his dad and Coach James Sanderlin, studying wrestlers with similar conditions to develop a style that would work. Although the main obstacle facing Adonis might seem obvious, he sees it differently: “My biggest obstacle was me and doubting myself. I got down more times than I thought would happen. My parents and everyone were behind me, though. Motivating me and pushing me to keep working.”

Learning to overcome self-doubt and fighting to succeed came in clutch for Adonis on his journey to becoming a State Champion. In the semifinal match, he found himself down one point with just seconds showing on the clock. What was going through his mind at that moment? “I had some doubts,” he recalls, “but I just kept telling myself, ‘Score again. Slow it down and let it happen.’”  And happened it did, as Adonis scored two points with seven seconds left to advance to the finals. The Championship Match was less dramatic as he went on to win 5-1, but the emotions were high. “After I won, I thought, ‘I actually did it!’” he says. “I couldn’t control the rush of emotions.”  
Coach James Sanderlin has one word to describe the moment: “’ Joy.’ I was crying. I had coaches from other teams that didn’t know Adonis coming up to me, crying and hugging me. Just pure joy.”  
When asked what he hopes his legacy will be, Adonis replies, “Showing that anything is possible. Even if the reality seems like it’s not possible, anything is possible.”

Adonis plans to attend college and major in Computer Sciences. As for his athletic career, Adonis has a new goal written down: to become an NCAA All-American.

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