Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

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New Year's resolutions are infamously difficult to uphold, though making them remains a popular, if not lucrative, tradition. The idea is good: beginning the year anew, reflecting on what we could do better or try differently. But perhaps we tend to underestimate what it takes to transform a resolution into a reality. Most are impulsive, fanciful and ultimately, empty. If a resolution is nothing more than words, then it is not a resolution at all. It is only when we commit to putting time, energy, and dedication into achieving our goals that we can expect change. 

Perhaps we tend to underestimate what it takes
to transform a resolution into a reality.

Last year, I wrote down my "2018 Goals and Resolutions.' The list included objectives like finding a job, writing for an hour a day, eating healthier, and spending more time with family and friends. There were other goals, too- because I made so many, I achieved some while failing at others. For me, this was okay. But for those looking to implement every goal, it's important not to overreach. It's much easier to uphold one decision than it is four or five. If we truly want our commitments to be successes, we shouldn't make them on a dime- rather, we should put a lot of thought into them before adding them to the list.

Sometimes there are things in our lives that we do well, but not in the best way. The necessary adjustment may be obvious, or finding a solution may require trial and error. Our lives revolve around routines and habits, and that's often a healthy, beneficial thing. But sometimes those routines cease being a safety net holding us up and turn into a rut that we've fallen into. Looking inward is the way to know when we will benefit from change- our own well-being should be the rock upon which all resolutions are built. Most people lead busy, challenging, and stressful lives, which makes it crucial that we take care of ourselves by nurturing a positive mindset, productive habits, and a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, when planning our new year, let us keep in mind that our goals can involve creating a better year- better than the last, better than the average- but our ultimate focus should simply be creating a good year, a good month, a good day, a good hour Let us resolve to set ourselves up for growth, success, and most importantly, for happiness.

Breonna Loxley is an animal care technician at an animal shelter. She is an avid artist, writer, and animal-lover. She lives with her parents, a younger brother, two cats, and one dog.