Sunday, April 18th, 2021

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What you DO and DON'T need to do

Because aerial photography is such a relatively new field, clients and homeowners often aren't sure how to prepare a property for a shoot.
Here are 10 things you can do to guarantee the best possible aerial imaging of a property.
1. Grass - Does not have to be freshly mowed the day before a shoot. In fact, freshly mowed grass can reveal any bare or thin patches. From the air, grass mowed a week ago is fine.
2. Bushes - Do not have to be trimmed unless there are very long branches protruding from a side or the top, and these are clearly visible from across the street.
3. Trash Cans - Should be hidden, in the garage or garden shed if possible.
4. Doors and Windows - All doors should be closed. Windows do not need to be cleaned, but should look as uniform as possible. (e.g. blinds up to the same level, and curtains all open)
5. Decks/Patios - Should be swept, especially if there are trees around that are shedding leaves all over. Any patches where mud collects should be hosed off. All hoses should be rolled up or hidden and garden tools put away.
6. Patio Furniture - Even if the furniture is not conveying with the house, it can still be used to show how inviting and comfortable a patio area can look. Furniture should be arranged around the pool or some other focal point. If furniture has adjustable backs, set them to the same level. If you have cushions for all of the seats, they should be put out. Tables should be cleared off, and if you have umbrellas, they should be open. If you have a grill, it's cover should be removed.
7. Pool - The pool should have been cleaned recently, and any leaves or debris removed from the surface on the day of the shoot. If there is a Polaris cleaner in the pool, it should be removed. Pool equipment, such as brushes, nets and hoses, should be removed or stored neatly.
8. Vehicles - Vehicles should be removed from the driveway, but also from the street. Because aerial shots are taken from all angles and heights, vehicles moved across the street will still show in some photos. Several cars parked across the street will give the impression that the road is overcrowded and busy.
9. Toys - If there is a dedicated play area, such as a sand pit or play house, some larger toys can be left out for staging. However, if children play on a patio or generally in the yard, toys should be removed.
    Many things have to be considered when you're using aerial photos and video to sell a property.  This is where an experienced and qualified aerial photographer can really make a property stand out from the crowd.

Terry Young is an FAA licensed drone pilot and professional photographer and videographer.  His 30 plus years of experience in pre- and post-production of both still photography and video, coupled with the latest equipment,  enable him to capture amazing, high quality images.