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The Shopper

Since 1981, The Shopper has been the voice of ethical entrepreneurs who treat customers as neighbors. We strive to be more than just an advertising vehicle for the businesses in our communities. We are ever more conscious of the need to preserve the best of the life we enjoyed in simpler days gone by. Our focus is on neighbors doing business with neighbors, a concept just as important today as when hometown businesses began on Main Street.

In our marketplace, buyers and sellers are neighbors with a commitment to one another. With our unique format, we are able to tell your customers, your neighbors, a personal story about your commitment to them, who you are, why you went into your business, what your goals and dreams are, and what products and services you offer them.

The Shopper offers you the opportunity to target your market by utilizing the power of direct mail. We carefully select neighborhoods with high disposable incomes, delivering your message to those who are most likely to buy from you.

Our publication encourages the same integrity in advertising and in business that has always distinguished the merchants of Main Street. We believe in The Shopper, and we believe in you. We ask that you believe in us as we prosper together. Let's be proud of the way we do it!

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The Shopper reflects its clients:
Entrepreneurial, family-owned, the foundation of America