Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Happy birthday, Jackie Lyle...and THANKS!

Jackie Lyle of Smithfield recently celebrated her birthday with family and friends. Jackie's birthday was particularly important for David and Julie Harper of Chesapeake because Jackie's selfless act saved David's life. Back in May, she donated part of her liver to David through the Medical College of Virginia Transplant Program. Julie Burley Harper is The Shopper's Office Manager.

David Harper and Jackie Lyle

Front row: Jackie Lyle and David Harper. Back row: David Lyle and Julie Harper

From left: Lou Horne, Donny Horne, Terri Bryant and Tommy Reynolds

From left: Sue Spady, Peggy Slemp, and Jane Chambers

David Lyle grilled some delicious steaks for guests

Terri Bryant and Andy

From left: Tommy Reynolds, David Lyle, Sue Spady, Jane Chambers, and Joanne Reynolds

Josalyn Lyle and Walter Wells

From left: Terri Bryant, Sue Spady, and David Harper

Terri Bryant and Kay Rinfrette

Justin Lyle