Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Montero Medical Missions Fish Fry

Dr. Juan Montero's Montero Medical Missions held a fish fry on the Currituck Sound at the home of Jim and Rebecca Ireland to get its board members and guests together.

From left: Kim Old, Dale Hasselbacher, and Gary Pavlus

From left: Currituck BBQ Assistant Chefs Jamar and Jamal, Dr. Juan Montero, owner of Currituck BBQ Paul Robinson, and Sarah Restaino

From left: Dr. Juan Montero, Lois and Bill Asimos

Realtor Dee Stace, left, and Gayle Hasselbacher

From left: Jeanne Stewart, Kevin Stewart, Gary Pavlus, Kim Old and Wyatt Old

From left: Richie Stace, Earl and Pau Verts

From left: Leslie and Dr. Peyton Neatrour chat with Dr. Juan Montero

Rebecca and Jim Ireland hosted the event. Jim is the director of Montero Medical Missions Health Fair for Veterans

From left: Lois and Bill Asimos, Dr. Peyton Neatrour, Leslie Neatrour, Dave Hall, Kevin Stewart, Richie Stace and Dale Hasselbacher

Bill Asimos, left, and Dr. Peyton Neatrour

Roy Fitzpatrick and Kelly Schick

Dr. Juan Montero

From left: Chance Wilson, Dr. Peyton Neatrour, Dr. Juan Montero, and Kevin Stewart

From left: Michael and Cindy Smith, Mary Montero, and The Shopper publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard

From left: Chairman of the Board for Chesapeake Care Free Clinic Phil Johnson, Bill and Lois Asimos

From left: Bill and Lois Asimos, Gary Pavlus, and Wyatt Old

From left: Mary Montero, Dr. Juan Montero, Gayle Hasselbacher, Jim Ireland, and Mary Lang

Guests thanked Dr. Neatrour for a wonderful slide show of his work in Ghana, Africa