Sunday, April 18th, 2021


2012 Shriners Seafood Fest

The Khedive Shriners of Chesapeake recently held their annual Seafood Festival. Great weather, food and beverages were enjoyed by family and friends, with entertainment provided by the band Hotcakes. The proceeds from the festival help the Shriners to continue their good works in the community.

From left: Ray and Yvonne Coates and Doc and Kim Gynan

From left: Shriner Bill Hoggard and his wife Marion enjoyed the festival with neighbors Jeni and Ed

From left: Harold Ellington, Clerk of Chesapeake General District Court Debbie Ellington, and sauceman Vernon Lee

Mark Schumann

From left: Past Potentate Fred Allen, his wife Linda, Connie McManus and Joan Lee

From left: Nick Ramsey, Event Coordinator Joe Ramsey, and Eddie Hodges

From left: Volunteers Carole McCullough, Larry Wells, and Kathe Taylor

From left: Volunteers Ken McCullough, Amy and Scotty Lynn

From left: Roger Hartman, Ashley Yerrington, Carter O'Brien, and Dan Root

Tim McMahon, left, and Shriner Brennen Ogletree

From left: Wayne Kelly, Pat Tauro, and Tara Phelps

From left: Neighbors Laura Williamson, Jolene Jones, and Laura Lawrence

From left: Harry Goodwin, Don Bowden, and Ray Maness

The huge crowed was entertained by the band Hotcakes

From left: Chad Sorrell, Laura Williamson, Antonio Yarbor, and Mackenzie Brock

From left: Elwood Paschal, Ray Teller, Rick Underdown, George Parker, and 2012 Potentate Joe Register. George Parker won the 50

Joe Chalker, left, and Andrew Cropp

From left: Mia Marsh, Shamekia Marsh, Zack Coleman, and Glendale Eolan

Auxiliary Deputy Sheriffs Mike Harris, left, and Jeffrey Powell

Shriner Ed Clifton