Tuesday, April 13th, 2021


Rotary Social

The Chesapeake Rotary Club's ever more popular monthly social was hosted by Ray Connor and his wife, Gretchen. Club members and guests gather one Friday evening each month at a Rotarian's home.

Steve Best, left, and Ron Ritter

John and Mary Macukas

Terry Barnard

From left: Laura and Brent Neilson, Linda Doland and Teresa Davis

2011 First Citizen Jean Loxley-Barnard and 2012 Rotary President Roland Davis

From left: Don Buckley, Alvene Buckley, Jean Loxley-Barnard and Terry Barnard

Ray Conner, left, and Baxter Ennis

Jeb Britt chats with a guest

Chip Chappell and Councilwoman Debbie Ritter

Katherine Chappell and Tricia Chappell

Chip Chappell, left, and Jeb Britt

From left: Alvene Buckley and CPA Jorge Dabul

From left: Councilwoman Debbie Ritter, Baxter Ennis, Glenda Ennis, and Roland Davis

Hostess Gretchen Conner chats with Robin Tull

From left: Baxter Ennis, Glenda Ennis, Robin Tull and Roland Davis

Chesapeake Commissioner of Revenue Ray Conner and his wife, Gretchen, hosted the social