Monday, May 25th, 2020

G Gathering National Dance Week

National Dance Week

Dancers from the Art of Dance Academy helped to kick off National Dance Week at the Waterside Market Place. Grace and creativity were key elements in the jazz, ballet, tap and modern dances performed.

Isis Harrington, Tristan Schuiteboer, Xavier Powell, Shawnya Peterson, Director of the Art of Dance Academy Miss Monique Vermont and Joanna Schlagel

Tristan Schuiteboer, from Norfolk Collegiate and Shawnya Peterson, from Ghent Elementary School were graceful as water lilies.

Xavier Powell

Isis Harrington, from Norview High School with her mother Academy of Dance director Miss Monique Vermont

Aliya Muriel, from Chesterfield Academy

Joanna Schlagel, from Hugo Owens Middle School

Strength and serenity~