Tuesday, April 20th, 2021


Party at the Wirths’!

The Chesapeake Rotary Club's April social was held at Chip and Patty Wirth's home in Riverwalk. The Wirth's friend, neighbor and fellow Rotarian John Maddux was the playful instigator who announced that the monthly social would be at the Wirths'!

From left: Chip Wirth, John Maddux, and David Hanson

Dudley Miles, left, of J.D. Miles & Sons, and attorney Page Garrett

From left: Laura Hanson, Vonnie and Russ Hanson

From left: Gretchen and Ray Conner, John Maddux, and Patty Wirth

From left: Manager of Freemason Abbey Lori Maddux, The Shopper's Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard, and Gretchen Conner

John Maddux, left, of RRMM Architects and Roland Davis

From left: Russ Hanson, his wife Vonnie, and Ron Ritter

From left: Melanie and Mike Love, John Maddux and Stephen Biggs

From left: Owner of Rogers Electrical Jeb Britt, General ICU nurse at Norfolk Sentara Melanie Love, owner of TM Auto Wholesalers Mike Love, architect John Maddux, and Physician Assistant Stephen Biggs