Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Shriners raise funds with annual oyster roast

The 35th Annual Chesapeake Shrine Club Oyster Roast was recently held at the Khedive Shrine Center in Greenbrier. The occasional rainy mists did not prevent the huge crowd from enjoying plenty of raw, roasted, or fried oysters. Also on the menu -- some tasty fried fish, clam chowder, and clam strips. Local band, Hotcakes, provided musical entertainment. Benefits from the event will go towards the Shrine Club activities.

Bobby Smith of Hotcakes

From left: Debby Farland, Laura Lawrence, Sooz Roberts, and Mackenzie Brock

Pam Hendricks and Rick Hodges

CJ Morse, left, and Carson Nahitchevansky

Ryan Haubenstein, left, and David Mobley

Phil Fulcher and Polly Seaton

From left: Mark Geitzenauer, his wife, Lady Shriner Jackie, and nephew, Hunter

Sam and Bev Cockrell

Volunteers from the Chesapeake Sheriff's Office Auxiliary Corp, from left: Deputy James Cook, Deputy Julian Jackson, and Sergeant Harold Phillips

From left: Gloria Harold,

Volunteers Amy and Scotty Lynn

From left: Tom Widenhofer, Ken and Carole McCullough, and Charles Waterfield

Kathy Miller and Dave Temple

From left: Dave Norton, Jack Farrer, and Jack Carrington

Laura Williamson and John Cooper

Aliyah Douglass, left, and Alice Demps

Amy Dunphy and her son, Jason

Shriner Butch Casper and his wife, Leah served plenty of clam strips

From left: Dave Sykes, Kim Aldridge, Kim Reinert holding daughter, Adalee, and Jaye Widmer

From left: Shriners Mason Keeter, Chum Springer, and Dan Dunphy made sure there was plenty of fish ready for the fryer

Shriners Dave McMannus, left, and John Henry Martin

Debbie Morris and Ray Beaulieu

From left: President of Road Runners, George O'Neal, Shriners John Whiteman, Jody Dudley, and Ronnie Shank

Debbie Ellington, left, and Carol Wright

From left: Zack Coleman, Laura Williamson, and Glendale Folan

Rita Cook, left, and Megan Smith dressed in seashell attire for the occasion

The day was made for families!

Bill Keating of the Khedive Motor Patrol

Ross Ruscoe, left, and Brian Weidner

The band Hotcakes performed and entertained the crowd

Brandon Breland, of Auto Direct in Moyock, left, and Brandon Wynn

From left: Al Holmes, Laura Lawrence, Sheriff John Newhart, and Sooz Roberts

Shriner Harry Tew and Laura Williamson, hairstylist at Options Hairstyling

From left: Co-Chairmen Eddie Hodges and Joe Ramsey, and Chesapeake Shrine President Eric Dell

Susan and Craig Gallifant, owners of Grassroots of Tidewater

Jane Cochrane and Greg Rowe

Sandy and George Walter

From left: Shriner Roger Hartman, Susan Gallifant, and Van Rutherford

Family and friends dancing and having a good time!