Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Sheriff Gives Party for Candidates

Sheriff John Newhart gave a reception for candidates on a beautiful spring evening at his home in Woodard Mills. Well attended, the event did not disappoint! Guests enjoyed each other's company, the delicious refreshments and the sheriff's fantastic home - perfect for entertaining.

(P.S. The sheriff's home is for sale!)

Candidate Rick West, left, and Mayor Alan Krasnoff

Candidate Debbie Ritter and the host, Sheriff John Newhart

Chip Chappell, left, and Rick West

From left: Ray Conner, Major Mike Evans, Christie Craig, and Captain Kevin Kight

Dottie and Jerry Grizzard chat with Jean Loxley-Barnard

Victoria Proffitt, left, chatting with Carol Stevenson

From left: Councilman Scott Matheson, Grey Folkes of Hassell and Folkes, PC, and Chesapeake's Commissioner of Revenue, Ray Conner

From left: Doug and Julie Anderson, Glen Srathmann, Captain Kevin Kight, Gail Evans, and Chip Chappell

Adela and Larry Zoeller

Linda Cantrell

From left: Victoria Proffitt chatting with Jean Dozier, and Debbie Ritter chatting with Carl Dozier

Scott Danner, left, with his uncle, Roland Davis

Reverend Tom Mercer , left, and Delegate John Cosgrove

Undersheriff Jim O'Sullivan and his wife, Jenny

Susan and Reverend Tom Mercer

From left: Jerry Grizzard, Bill Blankenship, and Doug Smith

Billy Gray, left, and Doug Anderson

Tim Glynn, left, and Mayor Alan Krasnoff

Co-owners of the The Broken Egg, Mike Touhey, left, and Doug Stumpf

Scott and Adrienne Danner

From left: Candidates Robert Ike, Rick West, and Debbie Ritter

From left: Nancy Parr chats with Pete Burkhimer and Victoria Proffitt