Sunday, April 11th, 2021


St.Patrick’s Day Rotary Social at Davis Home

Roland and Teresa Davis entertained the Chesapeake Rotary Club members at their home in Emerald Greens at a St. Patrick's Day Party.  Rotarians wearing green brought their favorite dishes and celebrated the happy holiday with spouses and friends invited as well.

The club holds a social each month, usually at a member's home, although last month the affair was held at 45 Degrees Martini Bar in Greenbrier.

Host Roland Davis greeting guests

From left: Linda Doland, Maureen Rye, Scott Danner and Mary Macukas

From left: Jeb Britt, Robin Tull, and host Roland Davis

Lynn and Mark Cox chat with Joan and Dr. Fred Bateman

Everyone wanted to hug hostess Teresa Davis

From left: Anita and Henry Thrasher and In Tai Ryu

From left: Laura Hanson, Mary and John Macukas, and Linda Doland

From left: MiCar Collision owners, Mike and Carolyn Maddox chat with John Maddux

Henry Thrasher, left, and Jeb Britt

Executive Manager of Freemason Abbey, Lori Maddux, with husband, John and their son, Nick.

Chesapeake Commissioner of Revenue Ray Connor, left, and David Hanson

Jean Loxley-Barnard, left, and Anita Thrasher

Laura Hanson

Joe Scalco and his wife, Vonda Chappell

From left: Jorge Dabul, Ray Connor, and Robin Tull

Dianne Copeland-Adcock and husband, Mike