Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Retail Alliance Media Fest

The 5th Annual Media Fest was a huge success with an extensive variety of advertising opportunities from traditional media to unique marketing approaches, numerous promotional and networking options, entertainment and delicious food.

From left: Retail Alliance members Rhonda Zentkovich, Sarah Kingsley, Shona Haven, and Jen Bichara

Retail Alliance Director of Membership Development Southside Joyce Smith, left, and Director of Director of Membership Development Karen Garner

PCD Environmental Planner Hampton Roads Lisa Hardy

From left: Passion owners Mike and Diane Gomori, Melissa Bauman, and Garrett Barner

Amy Roesler, left, with her aunt, Owner of The Bead goes on Sally Roesler

Owner of COVA Service Inc. Matt Conkle, left, and The Shopper Client Relations Manager Jeff Barnard

From left: Heather McKealing, Matt Moyer, and Amanda Goodman of the Norfolk Tides

From left: Aaron Leslie, Brianna Worrel, Todd Morton, and Marco Gueterez of Customer Magnetism search Engineer Marketing

Sweetwater Cuisine crew served many delicious horderves and the tastiest sweet water ever

Owner of Home Video Studio Arthur Bradshaw, left, and his right hand man Luke Rockswold

One of the Lucky prize winners Lynne-Hope Ornoff of Hope Consulting