Tuesday, April 13th, 2021


Steve Garvey at Chesapeake Sports Club

The Chesapeake Sports Club, formed a year ago, celebrated the first annual dinner at the Chesapeake Conference Center. The keynote speaker was Dodger great Steve Garvey. Awards were given to other young athletes signifying the purpose of the club which is to support local athletes.

Steve Garvey autographed a baseball for a young fan.

From left: Sydney Martin, Basil Woodworth, and Susan Campbell

From left: Linwood Nelms, Dave McManus, Clay Rapada, and Buddy Bagley

Family and friends came to support the winners

Jay and Liz Archbell

From left: Shirley Forbes, Steve Garvey, and Congressman Randy Forbes

Scott Danner, left, and Roland Davis

From left: Dr. Doug Howerton, David Stockmeier, and Joe Falk

Linwood Nelms

From left: The Shopper Account Executives, Leigh-Ann Wynn and Logan East with Sherri Miles of J.D. Miles Roofing

Steve Garvey gives Amy Blackwell a peck on the cheek

Doug Smith, left, with Steve Garvey

Steve Garvey, left, and Jim Hazel

Steve Garvey with Janet Winger

Chesapeake's Sheriff's Department Honor Guard

Scott Danner, left, and Chip Chappell

John Maddux, left, and David Stockmeier

Veronica and Tim Fields

From left: Chip Chappell, Danny Smith, Jeff Self, O.T. Holten, Mike Evans, and Dan Stahler

Attorney Steve Telfeyan, left, and Wynn Dixon

Debbie Ritter

NSU Athletic Director, Coach Marty Miller and Councilman Cliff Hayes

David Harrell, left, and Sheriff John Newhart

Luisa Guzeman and David Wright

Linwood Nelms, left, and David Wright of the New York Mets

John Henry Martin, left, and David Wright

Dan Grubb, left, and Dwight Parker

Master of Cermonies, Ed Brickell, left, and Steve Garvey

Steve Garvey

John Henry Martin, and at the podium, Nick Thompson, Chesapeake Sports Club male athlete of the year award winner

Randy Forbes

Baseball great, Steve Garvey, gave keynote address

Steve Garvey, left, and John Henry Martin

Buddy Bagley receives award from Bobby Clifton

Buddy Bagley

Shirley Forbes and Congressman Randy Forbes