Tuesday, May 26th, 2020



When a neighborhood church and a local fire department discovered they were planning community events on the same day, they decided to pool their resources.  The result was the 1st annual Easter Egg Hunt held at Portsmouth's Port Norfolk Fire Department. Co-sponsored by the Port Norfolk Church and the fire department's auxiliary, the event featured an egg hunt, games, food and a visit from the Easter Bunny. More than 100 children benefited from the collaboration.

Eight-year-old Terence Treston and his five year old sister Vinessa enjoyed the egg hunt.

William Jovel worked at the craft table.

Sean Routten and his daughter Isabella patiently waited for a picture with the Easter Bunny.

Amy Faison smiled as her daughters Victoria, left, and Taylor showed off their Easter eggs.

Sylvia Wallace, long-time member of Port Norfolk Church, painted the face of Wayne Benton while Brianna Herek looked on.

Pastor Connie Shoemaker of the Port Norfolk church painted the face of Victoria Gallishaw.

Eight year old Alec English proudly displayed the ribbon won for the final mile of Virginia Beach's Shamrock Marathon.

The Blunt family of Port Norfolk enjoyed the day.

Alayna Palamar showed off her face paint while waiting for her picture with the Easter Bunny.

Alyssiah Campfield showed off her face paint.

Amie Dukes and her daughter Samana took a break for lunch.

Kristi Tuggle of the Fire Department Auxiliary and her son Ethan.

Event co-chairs Pastor Connie Shoemaker of Port Norfolk Church, left, and Kristi Tuggle of the Fire Department Auxilliary, posed with the Easter Bunny.

Officer Mike Cooke and Officer Pat Delaney of the Sheriff Department supported the event.