Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

G Gathering Operation Smile

Operation Smile

More than 2,000 children ran the last mile in the Shamrock Marathon at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach. This event supported Operation Smile, which was started by Dr. William Magee more than 25 years ago. Green was the color of the day and most participants had t-shirts celebrating St. Patrick's Day and the marathon. Parents and spectators cheered for the runners while local band Early Departure of Great Bridge in Chesapeake rocked the crowd.

Ruby Eldred of Grafton Middle School in Yorktown.

Skylar Prieto, a 3rd grader of Three Oaks Elementary School.

Anthony Catalano, a 5th grader at Three Oaks Elementary School and his enthusiastic parents.

William Cedarquist, a Three Oaks Elementary School 4th grader.

Kierstin Godfrey, a kindergartner from Atlanton Elementary School.

Megan Seth, left, and Makynia Orono, 3rd graders at Christopher Farms Elementary School.

James Brannon of Chesapeake ran the 8k race.

Christopher Filthaut, a 3rd grader at Salem Elementary School.