Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Chesapeake Wine Fest

The Chesapeake Wine Festival was extremely successful despite facing many formidable hurdles this year from Mother Nature. The weather was not only difficult on the day of the festival, but the weather forecasts all three days before were horrendous. Despite the near-arctic conditions, more than 6,200 smiling and spirited patrons came out and enjoyed an incredible day and helped local charities.

The Rotary staff giving out Wine Samples

From left: Pam Arline, Dr. Candice Geary and Kara Geary

Rotary Members Jim Spires and Donna Ware

Cathy and Lance Nadeau

Janet Swinehart, left, and Michelle Bancroft of Guardian Travel

From left: William Doxey, Greg Moore and Shopper Account Executive Jeff Barnard

Sharon and Jeff Hoel

From left: Marissa Yannetti, Alex Bockelmen, Margie Yannetti and Tammy Von-Moll

From left: Chris Reynolds, Whitney Swaim, Chris Roberts and Shopper Production Manager Karah Angeli

Gals day out!!