Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Curtis Davis celebrates his 50th Birthday

From left: Tammy Potter; Curtis' wife, Elisha Davis, and Paula Clark.

Curtis prepared to blow out the candles on his cake surrounded by family and friends.

Curtis' aunts Kathryn Painter, left, and Janie Coley who was celebrating her 92nd birthday.

Aunt Kathryn assisted Curtis with cards and presents.

William Doxey with Elisha's sister Debbie Alberti.

From left: Donnie and Paula Clark, Jeff Truitt and Tammy Potter.

Rio gets in on the action.

Curtis and his sister Joan Davis.

Elisha's family from left: sister-in-law Denise, brother Tony Alberti, sister Debbie Alberti, Elisha Davis, nephew Owen Alberti and Curtis with Rio in front.

Elisha, center, chats with brother Tony Alberti and neighbor Janie Puryear.

Curtis poses with his yard sign.

Curtis, left, and Jeff Barnard, Client Relations Manager for The Shopper, marked their 40 year friendship.

Curtis and Elisha Davis.