Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Autumn Fest at the Arboretum

Class is in session! Mother Nature's class, that is. The Chesapeake Arboretum celebrated its third annual Autumn Fest with something for everyone. The Butterfly Society of Virginia kept busy with a line of anxious children waiting to have their faces painted while adults gathered for the guided tours of the trail. Tour guides Jack Erwin and Ed Bradley informed each group about the numerous types of trees and the benefits they have for our environment. Misty Townsley's booth also made quite an impression with her WormWatcher compost kit. Who knew saving the environment could be so much fun?


Photography and reporting by Tabitha Shiflett

Roses Ridge Farm vendor Kylene Alvich sold all-natural soaps.

Kristen Yocum and Kathy Cunningham of Brain Toniq: a drink to help you think.

Husband and wife Gloria and Everett Cossaboon gave kids a chance to learn how to paint with watercolors.

Julie Lewis, the vendor of Buy Fresh Buy Local.

Misty Townsley shows off one of her worms from her Biome in a Box.

From left: Karen Gawne, Barbra Carraway and Ashley Moye of the Pilot Club held up one of their homemade scarecrows.

Dirk Weaver of PEW environmental group.

From left: Cheryl Laclair, Diana Hudson and Nick Donahoo of Geocatching.

Marsha Anderson of Stampin Grannies.

Ann Florence of Stampin Grannies.

Christina Trapani and Nick Gallegos of the Eco Maniac Company.

Johannes Speckheuer of Via Creativa.

The hay maze set up by the boy scouts of Troop 901.

Alex Dean and his son Tanner supervised the hay maze.

Linda Hartman of Chesapeake Parks and Rec played a recycling game with the kids.

Linda Baskerville of the Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Larissa Bolz of Eggleston Horticultural Services.

Fred Turck of the Va Dept of Forestry Firewise educated others on fire safety.

Susan Walton of the Virginia Museum of Natural History.

The Beekeepers' Guild of Southeast Virginia.

Karen Joynt of Sanford Sisters.

Jack Erwin and Ed Bradley educated others on the importance of saving the environment.

Jack Erwin, Linda Bradley and Ed Bradley: tour guides.

Michelle Booker, a volunteer of the Chesapeake Arboretum, dressed as Mother Nature.

From left: Chesapeake Mayor Alan Krasnoff, Carol Abramson, Sheila Clendenning and Andrew Merchant