Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Shriners host a feast

The rain certainly did not dampen the spirits at the Shriners' Seafood Fest. Good food, beverages, and entertainment were enjoyed by family and friends, all in support of the group's good works.

From left: Louie Anders, Ruby Perez, Chris Anders, and Matthew Anders.

Mary and Kevin Insull, who is a member of Franklin Shrine Club

Welton and Lottie Deshields came all the way from Franklin

From left: Bob Moore, Deanne Dabbs, Kate Moore, and Pat Sykes

From left: Catherine Sherman, Shirley Sherman, Gerald Whitley, and Martha Ryals volunteered their time

From left: Jim Smith, Arlene and John Smith

Tim Peebles, left, and Gary Hillberg

From left: Willie Skenes, Glenn and Ray Teller

From left: Dave Davis, Pat, Carter, and Kevin O'Brien served delicious steamed shrimp

The rain did not bother this group of volunteers

From left: Barbara, Lank, and Rusty Malbone

The band Hotcakes provided awesome entertainment

Bill Hoggard and Mary Beeler danced to the music

From left: Billy Wood, Bill Hoggard, Harry and Mary Alice Moore, and Mary Beeler

Mary Dail, lead singer of Hotcakes

From left: Steve Sweder of the Norfolk Police Department, Coni Spalenka, and Sheriff John Newhart

Brandon Snow and Ruby Perez

From left: Jim and Coni Spalenka, Ken McCullough

From left: Brandon Wynn, Coach Leigh-Ann Wynn of ECX Cheer, Sarah and Rich Vanderford