Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Notable Yards

The Chesapeake Environmental Improvement Council (CEIC) recently announced the 2011 Notable Yards winners. The CEIC, a volunteer group, received over 25 nominations from Chesapeake's seven school districts. A panel of judges, co-chaired by Jean Pfaehler and Phil Johnson, the CEIC mayoral appointees, visited each yard to evaluate the aesthetics and gardening practices. The panel focused its attention on conservation, recycling, economic use of water, avoiding the use of chemicals and pesticides, and appealing outdoor designs and accessories.

Great Bridge District Winners Gerry and Linda Reust

Deep Creek District Winners Jim and Roxanne Ballentine

Hickory District Winners Mike and Sandy Madison

Indian River District Winners Gene and Delores Bulger

Western Branch District Winners Drs. William and Cassandra Alexander

Grassfield District Winners George and Kim Mack

Oscar Smith District Winers Maurice and Jamesetta Walker