Tuesday, April 13th, 2021


Suffolk church members go on an international mission of mercy

Members of Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church in Suffolk recently went on a mission of mercy to Kpalime, Togo in West Africa. Team members included Dr. Laura Leverone, Pediatrician in Suffolk; Dr. John Burton, Dentist in Suffolk; and Dr. Scott Yagel, Gastroenterologist with Gastroenterology Associates working in Chesapeake and Norfolk. This was Scott Yagel's 5th trip leading medical clinics in West Africa, partnering with local African church leaders. Also joining the team were Dr. Tiv Johnson, and nurses Susie Writtenbury, Angella Smith, and Mary Edens. Nutritionist Lynne Yagel, Scott's wife, taught about prevention of worms, malaria, AIDs, and diarrhea. Lynn Writtenbury helped run a reading-glasses clinic, college student Elizabeth Edens was instrumental in helping dispense the medicines; and high school student Emily Leverone helped with pediatrics and the pharmacy. The team saw over 1000 patients during the one week clinic.

Dr. Scott Yagel with boxes of medicine to be given to underserved in Togo

The team at the airport preparing to leave: Rear center: Dr. Scott Yagel. Back row from left: Dr. John Burton, Mr. Lynn Writtenberry, Nurse Angella Smith, Dr. Laura Leverone, Emily Leverone, and Nurse Mary Edens. Front row from left: Nurse Susie Writtenberry, Nutritionist Lynne Yagel, and Elizabeth Edens. Kneeling: Dr. Tiv Johnson

Dr. Scott Yagel and regional West African Leader

Nurse Susie Writtenberry performing patient intake and triage at the clinic site.

Nutritionist Lynne Yagel teaching public health lessons

Dr. Scott Yagel at the clinic site

Dr. Laura Leverone and daughter Emily

Mr. Lynn Writtenberry and Togolese translators / helpers dispensing reading glasses

Elizabeth Edens with medicines for the clinic.

Dr. Scott Yagel with a grateful patient

Dentist John Burton with translator / helper

Nurses Susie Writtenberry, left, and Mary Edens dispensing worm medicine

Nurse Angella Smith with a young patient

Emily Leverone comforting a baby

Nurse Susie Writtenberry with her translators

Nurse Mary Edens enjoying time with a Togolese infant