Tuesday, April 13th, 2021


Summertime fun all around the town

Cookouts are in full swing as the summer brings neighbors outdoors and families together. One cookout and swimming party was at Steve and Barbara Prevo's home in Hickory as was Dan and Anne Roach's gathering. Natalie East and Scott Freeman entertained family and friends at their Kempsville home.

Charleigh East was the youngest guest.

Natalie East with her stepdad Terry Barnard

Victoria and Dottie Bowling. Victoria is a student at George Mason University, home for the summer.

Scott Nyberg at Anne and Dan Roach's cookout in Hickory.

From left: Barbara Prevo, Missy Hubbard, and Anne Roach

Steve and Barbara Prevo entertained friends and neighbors at their Hickory Station Estates home. Pictured here are, from left: Mary and Paul Lonski and Stan Stanton

As the day got hotter, more and more guests played in the Prevo's pool.

John Shortt, left, and Steve Prevo

Barbara Shortt and Jean Loxley-Barnard

From left: Linda Whitney, Linda Tanner, Ann Sawyer, Joyce Isbel, and Debbie Duncan

Elayne Thymides from City Deli

From left: Scott Nyberg, Charlotte Francis, and David Webber from LPL Finanacial

Anne Bisese

From left: Donna Harmond, Murphy Brown from The Real Estate Group, Anne Roach from LPL Financial, Maureen Webber, and Barbara Shortt