Friday, April 16th, 2021


Unsung Heros

20-year-old Chesapeake resident, Roy Smith, is an exceptional young man. When Peggy Butt of Interim Health Care learned of Roy's ongoing battle with cancer, she became determined to help him with his heart's desire. Since graduating high-school, Roy has worked two jobs to earn enough to purchase a car on his own. Roy's car is his pride and joy and he desperately wanted it to have a new paint job. With his illness now limiting him to working a single job, he could not afford it. Peggy contacted the owners of Maaco of Chesapeake, AJ and Teresa Inge, to determine a cost for the paint job so she could raise the funds as a surprise for Roy. Peggy got her own surprise when, hearing of Roy's story, the Inges offered to paint the car for free.

From left: - Roy Smith; R.N. G.M. of Interim Heath Care Virginia Beach, Peggy Butt; Greg Warren; Katie Inge, daughter of Maaco owners AJ and Teresa Inge; Juan Toro, Jr.; Cliff Hatcher and James Parris.

Roy Smith in his newly painted car