Tuesday, April 20th, 2021


Shriners Host Roast

The Chesapeake Shrine Club hosted its 34th annual Oyster Roast at the Khedive Shrine Center in Chesapeake. The band Hot Cakes entertained the crowd on hand as they enjoyed raw, roasted and fried oysters, fish, clams and all the fixins.

Chesapeake Undersheriff, Jim O'Sullivan, and his charming wife, Jennifer, braved the chilly, overcast day to enjoy the festivities.

Emma Zamora ran into old friend and coworker, Lisa Bradshaw, and enjoyed the chance to catch up on old times.

Jeff Rowland took a break from shucking oysters to pose with diehard fan of the event, Beth Williams, who never misses this annual feast.

Chesapeake Sheriff, John R. Newhart, visited with friends Steve Nestoryak of the Norfolk Police Department and Patrick Rampulla.

Entertainment was provided by the band,

This line dancing crowd was undeterred by the chill in the air.