Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


The Inges dance the night away at landmark birthday celebration.

AJ and Teresa Inge, owners of Maaco in Greenbrier, celebrated landmark birthdays with family and friends at the Wyndham Hotel on the Oceanfront. Music by The River Boyz entertained young and old alike. Toddlers who could walk danced with parents and grandparents, along with couples of all ages. The Inges were joined by other relatives, Larry Hewitt, Joe Hewitt, and Martha Hewitt, who were also celebrating birthdays.

Joan Hewitt, left, with her sister Melanie Williams.

Theresa Inge, far right, with, from left: daughter Keenun Barley, grandaughter Kayson Barley, grandaughter Taneth Barley, and daughter Katie Inge.

AJ Inge and Melanie Williams.

From left: Taneth Barley, Kayson Barley, Keenun Barley, Heather Hewitt, Chris Hewitt, and family friend, Joan.

Dancing, from left: Joan Hewitt, Zachary Kidd, and Eddie Hewitt.

Family friend Joan, left, and Barney Inge

Jessica Kidd held her son Matthew, while dancing with son Zachary

From left: Attorney Kevin Hubbard chatted with Teresa Inge and her boss, John Overton

From left: Teresa Inge with Neighbors Steve and Barbara Prevo

From left: Attorney Kevin Hubbard with AJ Inge and Missy Hubbard

Teresa Inge, left, and her mother, Eunice Hewitt

Jennifer Hewitt, with dad, Joe Hewitt

From left: Jennifer Hewitt, Teresa Hewitt Inge, and Jessica Hewitt

Scarlett Gregory, left, and Katie Inge

Joan Hewitt, left, and her daughter, Jennifer Hewitt

Tom Wilson, left, and AJ Inge

Katie Inge, left, with mom, Teresa Hewitt Inge

Brothers Larry Hewitt, left, and Joe Hewitt

Debbie Lewis and her date, Snowman

From left: Eunice Hewiit, Meghan Hewitt and Eric Hewitt

From left: Larry Hewitt, Eddice Hewitt, Robert Hewitt