Tuesday, April 13th, 2021


Mt. Pleasant Christian School’s Art Expo fills coffers for the coming year

Mt. Pleasant Christian School recently hosted an Art Expo and dinner. After faculty and helpers served a fabulous full-course meal, students' hand-crafted art was offered at auction. The proceeds from the Art Expo benefited the school's PTO fund, which provides needed and welcomed additions for the school, its teachers, and students. Some of the impressive goals achieved through these efforts include an accelerated reader program, classroom supplies, a field-trip fund, basketball backboards for the gym, and an outdoor science lab.

Principle Wendy Walker

Austin Miller showed off the benches that were his project.

Teachers Laurie Oehler, left, and Amy Stewart

From left: Doris, Kiersten, Marissa, Zachary, Jacob, and Olivia

Karen Brockman, left, and Laurie Wells greeted guests.

From left: Rachael Walker, Stephanie Walzak, Stacey Lee, and Lisa O'Connell all helped serve the delicious food.

From left: Rhonda and Bill Turner, and Brett Belton enjoyed the festivities.