Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Popular game raises funds for admirable cause

The 1st Ever Chesapeake Cornhole Tournament was recently held at the Greenbrier Country Club. The event was intended to benefit South Norfolk's Tidewater Athletic Association and the Tidewater Blasters in their effort to defray the cost of rehabilitating fabled Cascade Park.

From left: President of Tidewater Athletic Association Chris Martin, co-organizer Rick West, and Paul Fuqua.

Ed Goodin, left, of

Ed Beard, left, and Gary S. Disharoon. Ed was a middle linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. He was in the NFL for 18 years as a player and coach.

Alma & Tommy Tise

From left: Christy Coaley, Jordan Vallerga, and Ray Daddio served refreshments.

Team Phoenix consisted of Matt Hayes, left, and Greg Bell, co-organizer of the event.

From left: Kevin Amick and his wife Tammi, Frank Lilley, and Andy Joyce and his wife Allison.

South Norfolk Civic League officers, from left: 2nd Vice President Andy Joyce, President Kevin Amick, and 1st Vice President Frank Lilley

Ed Goodin, left, and Rick West named their team

Team Wolf Pack were cousins: Carly West, left, and Sarah West.

From left: Richard Mercer, Todd McDaniel, and William Mercer

Lonnie Craig, City of Chesapeake Council member