Sunday, April 11th, 2021


Dinner Honors Animal-Saving Leaders at the Currituck Animal Shelter

The Animal Lovers Assistance League, an active organization of more than 500 supporters, was yet again the recipient of the award as the Non-Profit Organization of the Year in Currituck County, 2010. According to ALAL president Ginger Sikes: It is the many volunteers, our dedicated staff, and the involved citizens in our area who enable us to continue our high 85% adoption rate. Increasingly, people look towards adopting pets from animal shelters. Contributing to this in Currituck has been the $10,000 Petsmart Charities

From left: Carrie Brennan, Bob Kohler, Carl Estus, Jean Estus, Shirley Wilson, with Madison and Penny Pate in the background.

From left: Cameron Tabor, Phyllis and Bob Kohler.

From left: Outstanding Platinum Donors winners Phyllis Kohler; and P. J. Hobert of PJ's Elite Thrift Store; winners of Outstanding Volunteer Service Madison Pate, Phoebe Lease, Penny Pate, Carrie Brennan, Julie Finn, Shirley Wilson, Barbara Eggleston, and Jean Estus. Not pictured: Outstanding Platinum Donor Kenneth Hyman of Native Vine.

From left: Tim Puckett (a guest),Liz Orndorff, Penny Pate (standing), and Barbara Trainor.

Nancy vanClief obviously enjoying the good food with Barbara Eggleston to her right and Debbie and Cameron Tabor across the table from them.