Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

G Gathering Chesapeake Wine Festival raises funds for cancer center

Chesapeake Wine Festival raises funds for cancer center

The Rotary Club of Chesapeake recently held its premier Chesapeake Wine Festival at the City's Jubilee site. A fund raiser for the club's charities, the event was well attended and was such a hit that it is guaranteed to become a popular annual event. The Rotary's principle beneficiary from the day's profit will be The Sid Oman Cancer Center at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center. Former Mayor of both Chesapeake and Elizabeth City, Sid Oman was a beloved member of the club for decades.

Sheriff John Newhart, Laura and Rob Shuford of Old Point National Bank

Old Point Bank's Sr. VP Linda Doland with Steve and Norma Reynierse. Norma is Attorney Donnie Lascara's assistant.

Photographer Jim Knox and his wife, Susan, of Knox Studios

Long time friends Alvene Buckley and Jean Loxley-Barnard

Signature Pools' Jessica Coyner and The Shopper's Jeff Barnard

From left: Jeff Barnard, Chris Roberts and Karah Angeli, Chad Sunstein, Eva Harrison and William Doxey

Dot Payne and Chesapeake Councilwoman Dr. Ella Ward

From left: Chris Roberts and his wife, Karah Angeli, and Glenda and Randy Fowler, stood behind one of Glenda's wonderful floral arrangements from her Lasting Impressions Floral shop.