Monday, March 30th, 2020

G Gathering Shriners feed the crowd for a great cause

Shriners feed the crowd for a great cause

The Shriners recently hosted their Annual Seafood Festival. Perfect weather, plenty of seafood, and good friends made the event a huge success.

Teresa Tepper and her husband James

Russell & Bobbi Heath

Celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary, Hazel & Bob Smoyer

Volunteers, Mike O'Brien, left, and Joel Vanscoy served up plenty of steamed shrimp

Deputy Bonilla, left, and Deputy Breeden

Shriner Ken McCullough was busy frying oysters

Dave McClellan, left, and Wayne Sherman fried some tasty oysters.

Pamela Davis & Harry Tew

Newlyweds Pamela & Jeremy Davis

Shriner Rodney Rountree sold raffle tickets for a chance to win a 50

Shriner George O'Neal of the Fire Brigade & Road Runner's, left, chatted with Sheriff John Newhart

From left: Denise Hill, Margaret Rogers, Mary Parker, Tom Jackson and Jr. Parker enjoyed the festivities

Tom DiPrima and Lynn Marshall, daughter of Jim Marhall, who was with the Mini 18 Wheelers

The band Hotcakes provided great entertainment

Shriners Jack Ryals, left, and John Butt

Brothers Tom, left, and Brian DiPrima always enjoy seafood

Debbie Ziegler showed off her dancing moves

Event Co-Chairmen Joe Ramsey, left, and Eddie Hodges

Shriner Harry Haverty

And the winner of the 50