Monday, May 25th, 2020

G Gathering Regent University Executive Leadership Series Luncheon

Regent University Executive Leadership Series Luncheon

A full house was present

Baxter Ennis, right, with Admiral Vern Clark who lost 42 members of his team on 9/11.

The Admiral received accolades after his speech.

Lincoln Smith and Captain Matthew Sharpe.

Five members of Virginia Beach's finest who were invited to the luncheon. Other first responders were also invited to this luncheon where their bravery was recalled.

People lingered to discuss the enlightening talk.

Baxter Ennis received compliments on his outstanding work in getting such an inspiring speaker.

Dwayne Sherrick and Jennifer Fulbright.

The Chamber of Commerce's Jesse Williams with Joseph Witt, Old Point National Bank's Exec VP for Corporate Banking. Old Point is a sponsor of the luncheon series.

Baxter Ennis with Nicole Young The Shopper's COO and Robin Tull of Tull Financial following the luncheon.

Joel Palser and Steve Parker.