Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

G Gathering Chesapeake...Clean and Green Poster Contest Winners

Chesapeake...Clean and Green Poster Contest Winners

The Chesapeake...Clean and Green Poster Contest was open to all students enrolled in grades K-12 in any school within the city of Chesapeake or who is a resident of Chesapeake.  The theme of the poster contest was Chesapeake...Clean and Green.  Entries were designed to encourage the viewer to start thinking and stop littering.
The contest has been established for over 25 years.  It is sponsored by the Chesapeake Environmental Improvement Council.
Students who submitted winning entries received savings bonds or cash prizes.  A $50 check was presented to the teacher of each first-place winner.  This check can be used for any classroom need.

Diana Ostroskaya, 1st place, grade 5, Grassfield Elementary

Skylar Tucker, 1st place, grade 1, Grassfield Elementary

Chyenne Bailey, 1st place, grade 8, Deep Creek Middle School

Emma Rapcavage, 1st place, grade 3, E.W. Chittum Elementary

Tyler Hollingsworth, 1st place, grade 12, Indian River High School

Kyle Parrish, 2nd place, grade 5, Western Branch Intermediate

Ashley Breland, 2nd place, grade 1, Southeastern Elementary

Bianca Nonnenmacher, 2nd place, grade 8, Hickory Middle School

Ashley K. Williams, 2nd place, grade 3, Greenbrier Intermediate

Shirley Zhang, 2nd place, grade 9, Hickory High School

Ben Hopkins, 3rd place, grade 5, Cedar Road Elementary

Lydia Vazquez, 3rd place, kindergarten, Butts Road Primary

Darion Shonkwiler, 3rd place, grade 8, Crestwood Middle School

Esmeralda Copado-Reyes, 3rd place, grade 3, Deep Creek Elementary

Kathren Martin, 3rd place, grade 10, Western Branch High School