Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

G Gathering Summer concerts on the square

Summer concerts on the square

The band Thunder Creek performed a blend of traditional, gospel and classic bluegrass for visitors to Times Square on June 12th as part of Smithfield's 23rd Summer Concert Series. The event takes place every Friday night through August 27th at 8 pm on Main Street in historic Smithfield.

Shelley Cofer from Smithfield with her daughter, Emma.

Brandie Girard and Terry Girard from Smithfield.

Jesse and Ellen Wilkinson from Smithfield.

Steve and Mae Drum from Chesapeake along with their son, Jack.

Jackie Scarborough from Wakefield with her son, Troy Scarborough of Smithfield, a member of the Thunder Creek band.

Pam Canterbury, left, and Susan Joyner.

Band members Aaron Canterbury and Delk Batten.

Band members Bobby Scarborough from Wakefield and his son Troy Scarborough from Smithfield.

From left: Jeffrey Collins, David Joyner and Troy Scarborough of the band, Thunder Creek.