Monday, May 25th, 2020

G Gathering CHEAR Launch

CHEAR Launch

Realtor Murphy Brown and Financial Advisor Anne Roach

New York Life's Edward O'Brien, Dr. Juan Montero and The Shopper's Jean Loxley-Barnard

Pierce Montero and Little Miss Chesapeake, six year old Blair Corbett

Mary Montero holds her baby grandson, attorney Greg Montero's son.

Realtor Murphy Brown and Attorney Albert Hartley

Glass Corporation’s Chris Moring and sister, Missy Hubbard, CHEAR- Board Secretary

Peg Moring, Missy Hubbard (CHEAR- Board Secretary) and Kate and Chris Moring

Senator Harry Blevins and former Superintendent of Chesapeake Schools, Dr. Fred Bateman. Dr. Bateman is now the Executive Director of the Urban Superintendents of America Association

Missy Colley’s daughter, Emma, who has a cochlear implant, put in by Otolaryngologist, Dr. Stephanie Moody-Antonio.

ODU President, Dr. Roseann Runte

Dr. Stephanie Moody-Antonio and Dr. Barry Strasnick, the indispensable Otolaryngologists so central to CHEAR

Pierce Montero, whose hearing challenge inspired his grandfather, Dr. Juan Montero to bring about CHEAR with the help of Otolaryngologist, Dr. Barry Strasnick, his own son, Dr. Dan Montero, Missy Hubbard

Pierce Montero with his surgeon grandfather, Dr. Juan Montero

Attorney Kevin Hubbard of Hubbard and Hartley with his wife Missy, who is Secretary of the CHEAR Board

Dr. Dan Montero and Loren Hubbard

Dominion Disposal’s Martin and Ginny Corbett with their daughter, Blair, who is Little Miss Chesapeake 2007

Ginny Corbett, Tia and Charles Everette, and Shopper Publisher Jean Loxley-Barnard. Charles was once The Shopper’s Postman.

Polynesian Pools owner, Sandy Sharpe, listens to her favorite ENT, Dr. Barry Strasnick, present a video about the Coalition for Hearing, Education And Research (CHEAR).

Virginia Beach Mayor Meyera Oberndorf was flanked by her husband, Tom and Senator Yvonne Miller.

Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim and his wife, Beth Fraim