Monday, May 25th, 2020

G Gathering Town Point Club celebrates 25 years

Town Point Club celebrates 25 years

The Town Point Club celebrated its 25th anniversary at a gala event. The downtown Norfolk club served up a delicious buffet feast and entertained guests with a delightful jazz trio that performed many favorite tunes to enjoy both on and off the dance floor.

Mary Kelly, a long time member of the club, with guest Mike French.

From left: Mary Kelly with the Town Point Club's Executive Chef, Danny Lane and Mike French.

Front: Businessman and co-owner of Norfolk Tides Baseball Club, Al Abiouness, left, and Town Point Club Manager, Ali Halatayi. Rear, from left: OB/GYN Dr. Ramez Azoury, Diane Monroe, businessman Frank Monroe, Bess Decker, Attorney Peter G. Decker, Deputy City Attorney in Norfolk Nada Kawwass, and Chief Executive Officer of AScript Bassam Kawwass.

Andy and Allison Joyce, left, with Pete and Bess Decker.

Andy and Allison Joyce, Director of Public Relations for The Shopper.

Stuart Cake and his wife, Bet.