Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

G Gathering The 13th Annual MLK

The 13th Annual MLK

A commemorative service was held in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day at Bethany Baptist Church. A host of Chesapeake community ministers and supporters attended the grand event for its 13th year. The annual service is not only memorable of the unforgettable struggles of Dr. King and many others, but celebrates the efforts of unity in a community and Gods blessings to His people.

Pastor of New Weeping Mary Baptist Church of Chesapeake, John C. Smith organized the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., service.

Randolph Wilson of Chesapeake and Mary Creekmore of Virginia Beach attended the MLK service.

James Reed of Chesapeake, brought his nephews, Markeith, left, and Jarquis Lofton to the MLK service.

Joelissa Tyler and her mom, Lisa Lloyd are members at Bethany Baptist Church.

Associate Minister of New Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Chesapeake Freddie Johnson led the service in prayer.

Pastor of Little Piney Grove Baptist Church, Joseph A. Turner, led the worship and Invocation.

City of Chesapeake Mayor Alan P. Krasnoff, delivered words of expression during the MLK service.

Associate Minister at New Galilee Baptist Church, Chivaz Pruitt, rendered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s incredible

Interim Pastor at New Calvary Baptist Church in Norfolk, William Collins, Jr., lead the congregation in singing

Senior Pastor of Covenant Fellowship Church, Kevin R. White, was the keynote speaker for the afternoon.

Pastor Jake Manley, Sr., left, and Associate Minister Linwood Hill of Bethany Baptist Church.

City of Chesapeake Chief of Police, Lt. Col. Kelvin L. Wright and his wife Janet.

Janice Smith, left, and Yvonne Chesson, ushers of Bethany Baptist Church, served during the MLK service.