Monday, May 25th, 2020

G Gathering Physicians for Peace holds annual Celebrate the Nations Gala

Physicians for Peace holds annual Celebrate the Nations Gala

Physicians for Peace held its annual Celebrate the Nations Gala at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Guests and volunteers from many countries give of their time and dedication, which is critical in carrying out the mission to bring medical care to underserved populations around the world. Physicians for Peace gave special recognition to Hampton Roads area hospitals for their support of its work.

Mary Montero, wife of PFP Trustee and volunteer physician Dr. Juan Montero, left, with Lyne Abanilla, the Director for PFP in The Philippines.

From left: Dr. Donald Buckley, with Jack and Catherine Colgan, Physicians for Peace Secretary and board member.

Edward Buzz Heidt, Chairman of the Board of PFP, left, with PFP volunteer physician Dr. Don Buckley.

Cultural events of the evening were enjoyed by all.

Gala guests were entertained by cultural dances.

Dr. Patricia King and Chesapeake Regional Medical Center's CEO, Christopher Mosley.

Celebrating a grand occasion Physicians for Peace Board of Trustee's From left: Co-Chair of the Physicians for Peace Medical Operations Committee Dr. Donald Buckley, Dr. Bill Frist and Ernie Padden, Vice President at Riverside Health System.

Frances Padden, left, and Alvene Buckley.

Virginia Beach Mayor Meyera Oberndorf greeted Senator Bill Frist M.D., 2008 recipient of the Charles E. Horton Humanitarian Award for Global Health.

Physicians for Peace gala is a fabulous annual event to help many people around the world.

Rob Lane (center), Board Member, PFP Philippines, with Lyne Abanilla.

Chairman of the Board of PFP, Edward Buzz Heidt, left, shaking hands with Dr. Ogu Emejuru, a PFP volunteer physician, as other guests enjoyed the evening.

Gala guests enjoyed music and dancing from different nations.

Dr. Don Buckley, left, with PFP volunteer Carolyn Ramwell, R.N.

Presentation of colors and parade of flags.

Physicians for Peace President and CEO Brig. Gen. Ron Sconyers, USAF, Ret., announced awards to local hospitals.