Friday, June 2nd, 2023

G Gathering Khedive Shrine Oyster Roast

Khedive Shrine Oyster Roast

The annual Khedive Shrine Oyster Roast drew approximately 2,000 people from across the Coastal Virginia region for its all-you-can-eat fresh, fried, roasted, and raw oysters. The Shriners also offered delicious clam chowder, fried fish, clam strips, and their famous homemade hush puppies. The Intangible Cats entertained the crowd while everyone enjoyed a wide variety of tasty oysters.

1994 Past Khedive Shrine Potentate Charlie Taylor

Clam Chowder Chefs from left: Mike Smith, Jerry Bell, and Ed Clifton

From left: Jason Hoggard and Wayne Kelly

From left: South Norfolk Ruritan Steve Tise and Sommer Broudy from Virginia Beach

From left: Wendy Collier, Butch, and Leah Casper

Jim Spalenka

Buck Bray

Steve Twine of Virginia Beach

From left: Hush Puppy Master Chefs Jimmy Ramsey and Tim Chrisman

The Intangible Cats

The Shopper Public Relations/Account Executive Amy Brewer and 1994 Kdeive Shrine Potentate Charlie Taylor

Captain Joe Guffy