Wednesday, April 14th, 2021


Chesapeake’s First Citizen

Chesapeake's First Citizen was honored recently at a beautiful reception and dinner at the Chesapeake Conference Center. The 2019 First Citizen is Robert W. "Robin" Tull Jr. of Tull Financial Group, who lives by motto "service above self". He is recognized for his leadership and overall commitment to the city of Chesapeake.

Co-chair of the evening Debbie Ritter, with guest speaker Steve Krajenka and the First Citizen Robin Tull

From left: The evening's guest speaker, Steve Krajenka, and his wife, Kathy; this year's first citizen, Robert W. Tull Jr., and his wife Cathy; Jim and Denise Parroco

From left: Keith Tolarchyk, Shopper Graphic Designer Jennifer Tolarchyk, Terry Young, CEO of Internet Marketing and Design and Air Aspects, Shopper COO Nikki Young, Shopper Editor Rob Lauer, and Carey Whitley

From left: 2007 First Citizen Judge John Brown, 1991 First Citizen Juan Montero, and Bob Oman

2010 First Citizen Ray Conner and his wife, Gretchen

From left: 2013 First Citizen Roland Davis, Bob Oman, and 2016 First Citizen Steve Best

The mistress of ceremonies, Ms. LeAnne Rains-Benedetto

President of TowneBank Chesapeake Dawn Glynn and 2016 First Citizen Steve Best

Ron Ritter and 2013 First Citizen Roland Davis

The Shopper Editor Rob Lauer, left, with Carey Whitley

Janie DeSio, Robert Ike, Skip and Kathy Geisaka

1991 First Citizen Juan Montero talking with Mayor Rick West

1991 First Citizen Juan Montero with Mayor Rick West

Robert Culpepper, left, and Tom Dana

From left: 1995 First Citizen Dr. Fred Bateman and his wife Joan, and Vivian Parker

1986 First Citizen Dr. Don Buckley and his wife Alvene

1986 First Citizen Dr. Don Buckley with Harry Munari

Bud and Debbie Moulse

The Chesapeake Sheriff's Department Honor Guard

Henry Thrasher with his wife Anita

Henry Thrasher, Anita Thrasher, and Linda Dolan

The Shopper publisher and 2011 First Citizen Jean Loxley-Barnard with Howie Matthews

Tom Mercer with 2016 First Citizen Steve Best

1991 First Citizen Dr. Juan Montero with wife, Mary

From left: Former Mayor Alan Krasnoff, Baxter Ennis, Steve Best, and Al Cobb

Terry Barnard and The Shopper Publisher and 2011 First Citizen Jean Loxley-Barnard

From left: 2014 First Citizen Phil Johnson, Dr. Juan Montero, Carolyn Bernard

Keith and Jennifer Tolarchyk

All of the former First Citizens that were in attendance

Jack Mills, Youth Humanitarian Award

The Shopper table in deep conversation

Mayor Rick West and his wife Vicky